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    Movie Review: Twilight Breaking Dawn
    Moral Movie Rating: S (Sinister) for
    sex scenes and vampire baby blood orgies

    I warned you all.  At the end of this review, I will show you every time I warned every single parent out there. Twilight is a severely dangerous movie series that will lead to your child practicing Wiccan vampirism and listening to emo band Xasthur.  I warned you all that if you let your child partake in Twilight, they will turn into little blood seeking, coumadin seeking whores. 

    For years now, Twilight’s people have defied my words.  They have tried to say these movies don’t have nastiness in them.  They tried to say that just because I never went to these movies, I cannot review them.  Well I can and it is sick because today, we have a movie review for the newly released Twilight film “Twilight:  Breaking Dawn”.  It is all about raunchy vampire sexual scenes and bloody vampire childbirth.

    Parents, there is nothing moral about this series.  Some Hollywood producers have ran a lie campaign, telling parents that it is safe to let your child go to the theater and watch this program.  They lie like a rug and I have the proof!  This movie is all about naked orgies.  Here it is, Edward Cullen and the Bella girl having the nasties in a bed room and your child has read this beasty erotica and now are going with their neck biting, orifice fornicating friends to get all jollied up and take it out in each other!


    What is going on here, liberalos?  Why is Edward Cullen on film camera, giving Bella the business?  This is like watching a XXX porn monkey show in Mexico, but worse!  Here we have Satanic spells cast over movie scripts and a movie blessed by the demon seed of of Vlad Satan himself. 

    Look at the bent knees of Bella!  Look at how they bend in ecstatic release, as Edward Cullen stucks his sparkle worm into a bared vagine hooha for all movie lookers to see and hear!  If they had invented smellovision you’d smell prostitute whore dripping of Las Vegas bathrooms at 4:39 am! 

    Then, Cullen vampire is in the arm resting on bed pose.  This is the most classic pornography pose there is and they want your, 8 year old son and daughter to go watch this film without supervision.  Now some liberals out there might say, it is only one shot.  How do we know there is nothing more and maybe this was a fluke.

    Maybe the boy vampire was floating around outside, sparkling like homosexual unicorn happiness in the direct sunlight.  Then, Bella went skipping along and singing Lilith Faire lesbian with wolf hair stuck in her teeth from chomping on lesbian wolf carpet behind Edward’s back in the prior movie songs, and then she didn’t see the semi truck driving along at 90 miles per hour.  In an act of impossible saving, Edward Cullen sparkle toes over to her in his tight clothes and moves so fast, all his clothes magically fall off and they keep tumbling, clothes catching on objects and ripping off, until they finally land in the UPS delivery parcel position.  I say not!

    It is choreographed video nastiness porngraphs and it is meant to fill into your child’s eye.  The movie’s Jewish producer JRK Rowling makes nasty videos and movies by habit!  He is an evil, evil man who is causing countless children to worship wizards, and witches, and hobit rings and now vampires!


    Caught!  They are caught in the act.  On the left hand of the female, you can see that she is actually a married woman.  She is cheating on her husband by laying her bared marriage hand on a anoxeric boy actor who beleives he is a blood-drinking power vampire who sparkles in the daylight and hidden homosexuality emerges.  You can see she is massuesing his napple protrusions, with a fully cuffed hand and is playing the dominant seventh top position here.  She is strapping on her lesbian defilator and his going to stir up some chocolate pudding and the vampire will like it because he is really a homosexual Eves dropper.

    Parents, you must use logic and reason when raising a child.  If your child has seen this movie, douse their eyes in more-tears shampoo!  Find the kind with mint in it because it burns and makes them holler real good!  When they are crying and asking why they are having their eyes burn cleaned, tell them and you says,

    “This is what waits for little Satan whore vampire worshippers”.

    You tell them as that shampoo burns because of the lye if you were to dump every chemical into Earth into their eye, it will still not burn worse than even one second in hell.  Ask them,

    “Do you want to burn in Hell with sparkly gay bumrush vampires and lie with girls who whore gap their legs even though they married!”

    By this point your little sinsprout will beg for forgiveness and mercy, but you just let them keep suffering and no rinsing.  Let them, think about it and let the burn sit in good until they really whimper from the discomfort.  That is the punishment they must remember and associate with this movie, or they will get rabid herpies and bat fecal rabies if they do the blood rituals that were in this movie.


    For the film, it starts off like every other Twilight movie.  In act one, the Team Edward is facing off with Team Jacob.  It is a deadlock, mythical blood wolfs howing at the moon as the Twilight boys fancy foot around.  It ist just like the Sharks versus the Jets, but gayer.

    Then, the Jacob Wolf takes lead and tries to ate Cullen. 

     He pins him down and the others keep growling, then there is shock because the Cullen vamprie has a homosexual moment.   Homosexual tension mounts the audience with surprising vigor.

     He tries to penetrate Jacob with his ‘fangs’ and then converts the wolf into a vampire, much like gays try to do normal people.

    Scared at what happened to their friend, the wolfs run away and that ends act one.

    Act Two:  Skin Flesh and Vampire Babies

    The second act, is a giant seduction.  Cullen now has Wolf’s Blood in him and is growing brawnier, so Bella is attracted to him again.

      She comments on his ‘rippling arms, like the Mexican Jacob wolf throwing hay and selling lettuce on a sweaty desert afternoon’. 

     Cullen uses this compliment as a means to strip of her clothing and stick his vampire spout into her sin receptacle.  Out pops a vampire baby a few days later.  There is a lot of blood.  This is the end of act two.

    Act Three:  Violence and Vampire Vagine

    In act three, Bella is now a ‘new character’ named Renesmee.  It is her vampire name and if you look at ancient Romanian, where the name originates, it means ‘reborn whore of Satan’s love’.  It is appropriate, because Satan likes it when people bite each other in the necks and then have giant baby making orgies.

    Bella goes around biting random school children and makes the teens at the movie theater fantasize by getting bit in the neck, then waking up with Renesmee spreading her moisterized Sally Jessy all over them.  I’m being blunt here so you parents can understand the sickness of this film.

    Then, out pops the baby.  It is just like our esteemed colleague Pat Heinkel described it during our expose of the first movie.  It is a vampire womb and it eats its way out, and then they all cry and have a lion king moment, holding the New Baby up to the sunlight and then Elton John’s finger whispers are heard gently in the background, a homosexual vampire circle jerk of life is complete.

    The vampire baby sparkes in the Sun, and the family then shares some placenta blood nectar with each other and laugh like it is a normal ice cream Sunday after church moment.

    Then there are sparkles and the movie ends, but in the distance, you can see a pink eyed wolf lapping its lips, staring at the baby.  Tension set for the next sequel.

    In all, I rate this move S for Sinister.  It is full of raunchiness and blood violence.   Bella exposes her milksacks at least 9 times and I counted three “f*cks” in this movie, which means it is not PG-13 like the producers are claiming.  They are telling parents if your child is 13, this movie is fine to see when you have Cullen, a grown man, exposing his needle prod 6 times total and two with the eye tip exposed directly to the camera like a shot gun barrel.

    Bared bottoms were seen twice and when Jacob and Edward fought, Edward Cullen did a hip gyration to the wolf’s exposed backside meanting there is a new level of homosexuality, the animal kind involved.  There is also the adultery and magic Satan worship.  The special effects were decent and get a 6.8/10 in that department.

    Movie Review: Twilight Breaking Dawn
    Moral Movie Rating: S (Sinister) for
    sex scenes and vampire baby blood orgies

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