• Using Your DVR to Skip Commercials is Theft: Thou Shalt Not Steal

    April 4, 2011 7:40 pm 42 comments
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  • Last Thursday we visited some friends across town. The Ladies wanted to dine out, but it was opening night for Baseball. Our host told us he would “tivo” the game and we could catch up when we got home. After returning home from the delightful dinner, we turned the game on and started watching it. We got to the first commercial and someone picked up the remote and instantly skipped all the commercials. I did not know what to do. The people that pay for those commercials expect viewers to watch them. The people that work at the TV station and the announcers expect that income. By skipping the commercials I was stealing from all of them.
    We decided to ask the television industry if it was ok to skip commercials.
    Reply From Jamie Kellner the chairman and CEO of Turner Broadcasting, which encompasses everything from CNN to TNT and is a part of AOL Time Warner.

    Because of the ad skips…. It’s theft. Your contract with the network when you get the show is you’re going to watch the spots. Otherwise you couldn’t get the show on an ad-supported basis. Any time you skip a commercial or watch the button you’re actually stealing the programming.

    Please stop skipping commercials! I plead to all people who have been skipping commercials to please estimate the time you have skipped commercials and spend that much time watching only the commercials until you have squared away your sin.

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