• Vagina Idolatry: Snatching Up A Conservative Cause

    April 2, 2011 7:58 pm 126 comments

    In the Scripture of Exodus 20:4 we learn God’s instruction on idolatry which is a far cry from the unicorn dreams of the liberal elite.

    “You shall not make for yourself an idol, whether in the form of anything that is in heaven above, or that is on the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth.”

    Scientific surveys show that many believe the vagina to be everything from a feckless mother to a tentacled leviathan that lures men to a life of perpetual sin sniffling panty waste. The liberal media has promulgated the obstructed vaginal view that the vagina must be protected, adored and given free access to medical care with federal funds.

    What Is A Vagina?

    Sounds like a silly question, doesn’t it? While many correctly view a vagina as the pregnancy hole others, embracing the lesbian ethnicity, have folkways proclaiming the poontang as sacred cow – to be worshiped and decorated with ornaments cast and polished in satan’s foundry. This continuous stream of vaginial mis-information is absorbed into the hive conscience.

    One may think you know what a vagina is, but consider the fact one’s perception and definitions have been molded and deformed by the continuous pounding of erroneous information and visual stimulation, in and out, day after day. Some will try and post pornographic images under the guise of scientific charts as a “definition”, but the action is mere coercion to beckon all to worship the wound of original sin.

    If one relies on movies and television to deform their definition, the image of a vagina as scary monster with incisors to chomp down on unsuspecting erections haunts dreams and is the primary cause of erectile dysfunction in healthy men. What is so insidious and terrifying about this image is the ruin of the erect penis, which is the source life and should be preserved because life begins at erection. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yH8yuld4DUE

    If your Chris†Wire †V Nanny Blocker™ is hacked by wastrels you might see an episode of something called “Drag Race”>RuPaul’s Drag Race”. This televised putrid waste of human hair weaves and garish marabou trim attempts to teach the masses that a tucked penis is equitable in appearance and regard to a vagina. Young men are predominately featured dressed as women with their flaccid reproductive organs piped like donut jelly betwixt their poo cheeks. It is a striking level of mockery when contrasted against penis respectful entertainment such as Nascar, which was popular during the penis-centric days of President Bush.

    A closer examination of the “Drag Race” reveals that many of these peppy pecker princess boys are from disadvantaged groups being targeted for the homo-gay agenda – Puerto Ricans, Asians and paler members of the White Trash Nation. Our country’s most vulnerable groups are under attack to worship the vagina in this Nascar killing reality show. Nascar is phallic-friendly entertainment rather than touting doctrines of vaginal dominance like the LOGO network. One can easily discern the seething hate for the penis as the rightful staff of life by citing in the rise of RuPaul’s popularity and the limp status of Nascar.

    Another cable offering from TLC (the Liberal Channel) is “Strange Sex” which will soon feature a woman with not one but TWO VAGINAS! If this isn’t enough proof that a whole network can provide candy making manikins and propaganda for the socialist regime, I don’t know what it will take to wake Americans from their vagina bliss.

    Panty Shrines for the “Holy” Vagina on the Rise

    One man in Louisiana, Missouri, who is fondly known by the handle “Shovelhead”, created a panty quilt temple for his humble bedchamber as a natural progression of vagina idolatry with mannequins or possibly manikins. His colloquial parlance does not make clear if he is talking about an anatomical model of the female body or making an offensive remark about a short man that has been modeling these panties. Manikins, which sounds the same as mannequins, like to be called little people and appear on TLC making candy and succulent chocolates. This choice in language might explain the sheepishness of the women that donated their vaginal coverings and the quilter’s lack of teeth from the rough and tumble method of clothing a little person with panties for personal perversion.

    From the video below, one can hear and read the disjointed lexicon of these cult members. “From Where Do you Get the Panties?” quips the reporter – “From where” indeed.

    Innocent animals, that could be running and playing out of doors, are often the silent victims of this cultish vaginal sect’s unending scourge on the morals of others. While the behaviors are often reported as “surprising” or “cute” they are part and parcel of a well planned breeding program to incorporate the prey drive for vaginal shrines and worship.
    From Yahoo one can see the tale of one woman’s journey into the white underbelly of beastial vagina idolatry.

    My boyfriend’s dog steals my UNDERWEAR!!!!?
    I usually leave a pile of my dirty clothes in the bathroom after I take a shower and get ready for work, and when I come back to the house… my panties are missing. I look under the bed and my boyfriend’s dog had made herself a little panty shrine… and it’s ONLY my underwear! why doesn’t she steal my boyfriends??? and I know she secretly hates me so I know it’s not a bonding thing!! it’s kinda grossing me out….!!!!

    While this young woman is paying the wages for her sin outside of Christian marriage and practicing poor domestic skills, she fails to see her “boyfriend” has obviously taught his dog to fetch vagina cloths as symbols in his sick religious rites. I’m sure “boyfriend” is pleased with his canine friend’s pastimes and provides him with additional kibble for his satanic efforts.

    Cats, common familiars of virginal hags and masturbating spinsters, are also stealing vagina clothing for subversive shrines and temples. While it is unclear if the behavior is learned or instinctual – Adam Nelson, a Chris†Wire contributor and cat expert, could not be reached for immediate testimony prior to publication – observers are left to wonder the intent of those in the “shelter” community.

    Vagina as Communist Hidey Hole

    It seems weekly that one can pick up a newspaper and read about some drug addled offline incubator using her hatching hole to hide contraband. Mexican women are familiar with the practice of storing food and money in the cash kootch to confuse banditosand prevent pregnancy. Not surprising these loose labia women are lauded as high priestesses in the vaginal church and prominently featured on the American Idol site.

    The Obama government is also promoting the full sale worship of the vagina and depredation of the penis. Sure the penis has been used as a tool to enforce prison yard hierarchy, but the TSA use of this long held tradition to grasp the reformative properties of junk jabbery to lull our strong business men into believing their jewels are worthless. It is an activity that is unethical in premise and deed.

    All this vaginal idolatry and penis caressing has a poignant meaning for the liberal administration. By creating these statutes for compliance and effective ruin of the American business heart and soul through continued brutish penis fondling without the benefit of dinner or drinks we allow the communist to hide their true contraband. The goal is to strip bare the ambition and testosterone oils that lubricate the gears of the capitalist’s success and turn the greatest country the world has ever seen into a Socialist vagina worshiping Nanny state.

    No Vagina is Bottomless

    The vagina idolatry doctrines are snatching up recognition, but not a conservative following. As illustrated, both homosexual men and lesbian women of the homo-gay coalition benefit and promote the principles of vagina as deity to be worshiped. The liberal socialists are using the method to enslave and unionize. Propaganda and textile forms are popular and produce an environment where vaginas are given preferential status and caste in our society.

    While all of this idolatry is terrifying to evangelical Christians, we should take comfort that the end is in sight. Strides in legislation have provided substantial cracks in the façade of the liberal Poontang Palace. The defunding of parenthood planning is one positive development. Challenging the recognized nomenclature for accusers of rape from victimhood to the more accurate term is a milestone in the destruction of the vaginal church that should gain greater acclaim. The next step is to erase “Rape” and “victim” from the lexicon and promote “surprise sex” and “accuser” as the conventional terms.

    For those that benefit from a vagina economy, your days are numbered. Phallic-centric environment dependent economies, such as oil drilling and luxury automotive / truck manufacturing are more profitable and are expected to rise as the vagina idolatry issues are struck down by the conservative base. The vagina economy is a hole we cannot keep borrowing to support.

    In conclusion, the vagina is simply a byway to the baby nest and a future populated with low cost labor and full employment. To view the vagina as part of the woman’s domain is to relegate our future to her opinions about her body. A lower population means fewer citizens to support Social Security. Respecting the vagina creates unnecessary taxation we’ve seen from the liberal administration. We must remain vigilant to ensure this sacred purpose and use is not sullied by undue gilding, thus becoming the golden path to our nation’s destruction on the way to Oz.

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