• Was the McBeating in Maryland the Start of a Nationwide Race War?

    April 23, 2011 8:34 pm 5 comments

    Earlier in the week chisTwire was one of the first outlets to beak the story of a beating of a white person by two tribal thugs in a Maryland McDonalds.

    See the shocking video and investigative journal here:

    An innocent transgendered Caucasian female was using the restroom when she was savagely assaulted repeatedly by two African females. The police report identifies the victim as 22-year-old Chrissy Lee Polis, who appears identical to Christopher Lee Polis. The civil rights group Equality Maryland has identified the McDonald’s victim as a transgender woman. Polis told police that she was walking to the restaurant’s bathroom when she “got into a verbal argument with two black females” who “began punching her in the face with their fists and pulling her hair.” A female bystander told cops that when she tried to break up the fight, the suspects punched her in the face, which “caused her to become disoriented.” Police noted that the woman, who declined medical treatment, had “redness around her right eye which is consistent with someone punching her in the face.”
    A manager at the Rosedale McDonald’s said she was “not allowed to speak to a reporter.” In a corporate statement this afternoon, McDonald’s said it was “shocked by the video from a Baltimore franchise,” and called the incident “unacceptable, disturbing and troubling.” The firm added, “We are working with the franchisee and the local authorities to investigate this matter.”

    More evil:
    Almost as disturbing as the beating is the lack of assistance given to her. An elderly woman made a honest but futile attempt to stop the violence. A Large black employee made a very lackluster attempt which at best got him in the video. The worst villain though was the cameraman Vernon Hackett
    should be hung

    This vile individual is a young strong fit African male. He made no attempt to stop any violence. Instead he just sat there filming while someone was beaten so hard that a seizure was induced.
    Here is info from his Facebooks page:
    His Facebooks name is Charm Hackett, feel free to send him a note!

    Race War Begins?
    Had the races been reversed, no matter what the gender or sexual orientation, people would be marching, rioting, making demands for restitution for the community, heads would roll. Jessie Jackson himself and his pals would be outside right now, chanting and protesting.
    This reverse racism has now been pushed to its limits. Non-Africans everywhere are now sick and tired of the people from the whiniest of continents.

    Here are some quotes from fed up Non-Africans :

    (The following are quotes that have not been altered, they may contain some blue language and do not necessarily reflect the views of this author or this website)

    Can they not teach those worms to dial 911? No one deserves to be beaten in any way. One day they will run into someone like me 5’3″ and 85 pounds who has studied martial arts for 40 years. I wish I could find those 2 B*^(#es. I would teach both of them what that felt like. I have watched a lot of videos through the years and never got angry at one yet before this one. One day it will be race against race and that time is coming soon. When the whites quit funding the welfare kids for them they will be too weak from hunger to beat someone. Remember your time will come stupid. Time to boycott McDonalds and let them have their greasy fries to get even fatter than they already are.

    Actually Vernon Hackett unknowingly did something good. By following his blood lust instincts and taping this savage beating rather than helping the victim out, he gave all of us a front row seat into just what happens when white people piss off the wrong black people in a mostly black area. I work in a very black area and frequently go out for lunch where I am the only white person. I definitely get looks but I never feel threatened. I honestly don’t know if I will after seeing no one other than a F_ING OLD LADY being the only person to try to stop this beating. Unbelievable. Can someone organize a march outside this McDonalds just like the Rev and Jesse would do ??

    Just so you know i am white. I dont care if the person getting beat or is doing the beating is white, black, mexican what ever. It does not take 2 people to beat up one, especially when the one getting beat is not fighting back. It takes a real peice of trash to beat someone like this repeatedly, and an even bigger peice of trash to stand there and watch it, film it, and throw it around the web like its funny and something to be proud of. Oh yea, and one more “white” comment. If 2 white guys/girls were beating a black person like this, filming it, laughing about it, and encouraging it with a resturant full of blacks, they would most likely be beat to death, shot, or killed in some way. On top of that, idiots like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson would jump into it and MAKE it a racial thing, and try ad make white people look bad as always…..this is pure down sickening!!!

    Only two white people in the video, the victim and the elderly woman who tries to help. Now imagine a black women in a completely white McDonalds getting beat down while all the other white people in the store watched and taped. Then he person taping sees the black women start convulsing on the floor and tells the white girls “run the cops are coming”. You, Al, and Jesse would be (rightfully) marching in front of that store demanding justice. Am I wrong?

    I am quite sure that if it was 2 white girls attempting to murder a sista you would be joining the march along with sharpton and jesse jackazz. There is only one thing that is going to stem this BS by the animals. Everyone who values their safety needs to buy a handgun, take the proper training and get a CCL. Maybe when a few of these fools end up face down in a pool of their own blood the others might get it through their thick skulls that maybe they need to start acting like productive members of society, instead of pissing and moaning leeches. We HAVE to take this upon ourselves, because their is ZERO relief coming from our current racist-in-chief and his disgusting little lapdog, “It would be a disservice to my people” vile racist AG holder.

    Credit for the video? The world would be a better place if the videographer had stepped in and stopped this brutal act – that would be worth some “CREDIT.” All of the onlookers who did NOTHING are as guilty as the beasts that beat the cr@p out of this woman. What is wrong with these people? Animals – every one!

    Where are you Rev AL. C’Mon you phone racist. If this had been the opposite whooping transtesticle or not your fat conman ass would have been picketing by now.

    They can’t help it …theyre blacks.Why do you think that Abraham Lincoln said that there is no way blacks and whites could live together and was working on shipping them all back to Africa ala Liberia..oh by the way how IS Liberia working out?

    If my two white children were pictured here kicking the f*** **** out of a victim of another race (read: *any* race), not only would I figuratively “have their heads”, I would contest to have them put up for adoption and sent permanently to a juvenile detainment and correction facility until they can act like human beings again. Question: when will the african and latin communities start doing the same? This behavior is unacceptable no matte what your pigment.

    This is called a hate crime! The victim is white and the girls beating the shiat out of her are black. Obama and Holder at DoJ will not prosecute as a hate crime because victim is white, must be a black victim for DoJ to prosecute! Remember Black Panthers with clubs outside of polling place! Nothing– it was OK with Holder’s DoJ!! The black employee taking the movie need to go to jail as an accomplice to the crime!!

    Wrap up

    No matter what happens in America next, our heart goes out to this poor victim. We have always stood for the freedoms of transgendered people.

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