• What Ke$ha’s Real Voice Sounds Like – Your Love Is My Drug (Acapella)

    April 7, 2011 1:20 pm 4 comments
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  • ke$haWomen have a tendency to be cheap whores in Hollywood, but when they misrepresent the profession they are doing it makes them even more disgusting.

    Music is an art.  It it supposed to speak to the soul and mind, perhaps bringing feelings of needed aggression or even centering to the fore of your psyche.  Yet, we have a new aged of sparkling Jezebels who gyrate to the sounds of electronica and computer-altered voice harmonies.

    These menstruating minstrels of slutitudes sing and sing, shaking their little hips and exposing their silicone enhanceds chests as a means of making up for their lost talent.  Gone are the days when good sized women, like Aretha Franklin or Ella Fitzgerald brought true music to the world.  Today, we’re stuck to with women like Britney Spears and Ke$ha, Vegas showgirls with 10 minutes too long on the stage.

    Britney was actually to the part where she was shooting up drugs and getting ready to die in the proverbial alley from being a flesh hooker, but yet, we see Hollywood dragged her back into the spotlight for round two.  Kids will have their morals and music tastes assaulted by that women, and yet, we have someone far worse.

    Ke$ha.  The name alone lets you know she is a $lut trump. 

    Like a Thailand Brothel international leg-spreading champion, Ke$ha’s flesh-laden fame is wrapped around all the world.  She’s on tv, radio and magazines.  Your children have already scene through her dark tunnels of fermented torment and think it smells like a bed of rose, due to popular culture and Hollywood marketing.  So hopefully, this video will shut down some Ke$ha fans.  This is what it sounds like when the doves cry, after a night of crack binged deep throating.  Enjoy.


    Artist: Ke$ha
    Rating: G (Glamorized slut) for …
    not being able to sing, tricking children into thinking an auto-tuned specimen of syphillis is musical talent, being a Vegas show girl, no true music talent

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