• Why Did Kate Middleton’s Very Plain Royal Wedding Dress Feature Milksacks?

    April 29, 2011 8:25 am 8 comments
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    Kate Middleton's Dress

    Breasetes.  Milksacks.  The future queen is letting her royal jellies flop all around for all to lap up in the eyes and get their jollies.  There is no need for a dress to have such a cup section for the dandies.

    This is the problem with the British.  They are hypocrites.  They try to act all ceremonial and moral and then, you see them snickering.  Did you see Prince Harry taking a lick of his chops and staring at her chest gifts when she sashayed by during the procedure?  It shows that royal lust and incest still runs strong in the House of Windsor.

    I regret that America lacked a strong navy in 1776, because I would have loved to see King Redcoat’s face when George Washington stepped off and lead the American Army in a burning spree through England, where we burned everything in site and demanded the king bow before the nation of the True King, Our God.

    The Brits are low lifes.  Look at how even the most ‘regal’ of them all is already dressing like a Vegas hooker with three bottles of dirty tequila on a raunchy Tijuana springbreak night.  We’re lucky she didn’t just do another upskirt pose while she was walking down the aisle for attention.  What we have hear is just another Lindsay Lohan.

    I’m willing to be the toilet seat of Lindsay Lohan’s home after a cocaine party is cleaner than the royal Middleton pantry drawers if she is even wearing any under that dress.  We can just ask Prince Harry because he likely knows first hand with the way they were eying each other and doing simulated mouth sex act gestures when the William boy was not looking.

    I’m happy this nonsense is over and am calling my local cable to tell them to stop broadcasting coverage.  I don’t care!  James Monroe said if the British royalty ever tried to step foot into our country, we have the right to nuke them until their rivers boil in waste!

    I say this qualifies and if they don’t stop beaming their signals here, they can just get a nice beam of nuclear radiation melting their snag toothed faces right from their skeletons.  Get out of here you no good taxiing tories hillbilly incest freaks.  This is America, no kings!

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