• Why Did Queen Elizabeth II Look Like Jim Carrey the Mask?

    April 29, 2011 8:32 am 7 comments
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  • Today as I woke up to watch videos on YouTube to warn everyone about, I grabbed some bran oats and turned on the television.  I hate bananas and I quickly spat out my cereal in disgust!

    A big yellow bird that looked like the mask was hunching over the wedding.  I forgot that this nonsense is somehow being allowed to be broadcast in America, then have to see a cranky crochet face woman looking all arrogant look her pop don’t stink!  Guess what, Granny pants.  Your pop stank worse than everyone else, probably more with your nasty mad cow beef burleogneese and gruel.

    Don’t get me wrong, but British people cannot cook.  They cannot even design cars right and use the metric system.  They all have funny shaped heads.  If you have a room full of normal men, you can always spot the Brit.  You may as well have an Afro in a sea of pure white because the difference is all the same.

    The worst part about these God betrayers and taxers is that they hate freedom.  The British tried to destroy freedom in young America and burned down our White House in 1812 in a jealous feminine rage.  I say this.  I says we bomb Britain and then make them watch American weddings reality shows.  Every channel.  They have to watch reality shows for a year until they see that no one wants to watch some random silver spoon brat marry the girl he got preggo weeks before.  I can go to a local college campus and find that scenario.

    I hate the concept of royalty and these people don’t do anything for society.  They are just more big government Democrats who would lick the taint toed enamel of Stalin if they could get a handful.

    Even after all of that, who picked out the queen’s dress.  You’d think PETA would be upset with the royal family’s bloodlust wiping out Big Bird and using his carcass as wedding garb.

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