• Why Do Muslims Hate Dogs

    April 20, 2011 4:47 pm 28 comments

    A recent news story out of Iran has the Terror-Mulsim regime in power moving to outlaw dogs. “What kind of people hate dogs?”, you may be asking yourself. The same type that hate freedom and burn effigies of Sarah Palin.

    It has been asserted by certain terrorist organizations in the country that dogs are a mangy and dirty breed of animal that do nothing but cause disease and spread filth. We, here at Christwire, believe they may be blaming their own bad habits on their pets.

    Nothing is as loyal as a dog. And nothing is better to have around to chew up the Mexicans when they try to steal your stuff. As far as them being dirty and mangy, most American dogs live in cleaner and more sanitary conditions than the average Muslim does. It is a sad but true fact that Americans feed their dogs well while Muslims barely give their kids enough to survive.

    The notion that Iran would outlaw man’s best friend is frankly offensive, but not entirely a bad idea. We all know dogs need to be played with and such, and terrorists would only use them for evil purposes anyways. Maybe we should move to extend Iran’s proclamation and ban Muslims in civilized countries from owning dogs as well.

    Maybe the Muslims are jealous because dogs are loyal and friendly, something they will never be. Maybe they are jealous because our pets are granted more freedoms than their government would ever grant them. Who knows why they would hate man’s best friend? They hate America too so that probably explains a lot as well.

    In the end we can only hope that the dogs in Iran get out safely and find their way to America where they will be cared for and not beaten. Many of them will probably be eaten, sadly, as the Iranian people are sometimes forced by their government to eat nothing but dogs. No doubt this trend will continue, and no doubt God will send a tsunami to punish them soon.

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