• Why Do Rabbits Rape Cats, Revisted

    April 10, 2011 4:41 pm 21 comments

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    Adam Nelson

    Cats are slutty creatures by nature, the unspayed constantly mewing and sexually gyrating in fervent manner upon wooden office furniture and surge protectors. Moans of feline ecstasy commonly haunt the cat owners, as at least two weeks of every month a little furball of urine shooting nastiness makes a home less fresh than 4 a.m. bedsheets in a North Vegas brothel. Cats are little sluts and as such, is it really surprise that they get raped by rabbits?

    The incidence of cats being sexually dominated by rabbits first came to the fore under the investigative journalism of internationally acclaimed reporter Stephenson Billings. A great concern to modern American families, we’ve seen a remarkable increase in the incidence of interspecies mingling and naturally resulatant animal rape upon the weaker of the two cohabitors.

    The investigative questions into this matter thus far have concerned a nurture model, that is, looking for external influences upon animals that cause the morbid carnality to occur.  Could America’s growing acceptance of homosexuals be behind a rabbits pillaging of a cat’s delicasies?  Or is it something more shocking, like owners giving greater affection to the ‘dominant’ pet?

    These questions are bold and merit great consideration, but at the heart of the model we must also look at the nature aspect.  What is the nature of cats?  We know they are coy and cocky, oft times thinking they have the run of a domain, even in a human’s presence.  Cats hold little loyalty and tend to be blood thirsty when given chance.  Cats have no true human element of compassion or measured reason. The one human quality cats do have is greatly limited to those of the most promiscuous, prowling humans:  sluttiness.

    Cats are natural sluts and female cats will even cozy up and ‘present’ themselves to a human, when in heat.  As mentioned, cats are very reminscently homosexual in nature in that they will take sexual gratification from any object or being with an orifice or prod when ‘in the mood’.  So, if a rabbit and cat are trapped in one area too long and without supervision, what can we expect to happen?


    Funny Pictures - Cat Gifs

    This image was taken from a cat fan database site.  In the image, taken by a rabbit and cat owner’s CCTV system, a cat is witnessed caressing a male rabbit.  Like a drunken sorority girl in Cancun without her boyfriend on spring break, this little harlot is teasing this rabbit with sexual advances and then plans to run off when it gets its feline fill of jollies.  Unfortunately, rabbits are very base animals and when they are enticed, they will follow through.


    In this video, a black cat attacks an innocent, mostly white, rabbit in savage tribal genetic fashion. The cat was ornery and frisky, and pays the price for enticing this rabbit. What the cat did not realize is that though an obvious power struggle for the owner’s waning attention is taking place, at a genetic level rabbits seek to dominate no matter the scenario.

    The apartment is in various stages of duress and a chaotic city beeps and horns outside. The rabbit can only control one aspect of its life at this moment and that is by penetrating the raunchy cat and letting it know that the master of this chaos is the rabbit.


    Just like a rap video, we can see a black is pinning down and trying to impregnate a white rabbit in a comfortable suburban home. No telling where the rabbit strayed in from but in this video, it seems the cat in heat is actually enjoying the sickness taking place and we are forced to ask, why?

    Why is this happening. Is it a normal part of nature? Is it a learned behavior? From the cat’s behavior, there is a marked truth that is exposed: there is a natural component. The cat is deceptive and will do anything to get thrusting action when it is in heat. It sees the fur of the rabbit and instinctively knows the black animal cannot resist a white pussy spread before it.


    Here we see more of the same. A black rabbit is now attacking a mid-toned rabbit. There is a genetic aspect to these attacks, the severity of the attacks perhaps being directly correlated to the amount of melanin deposits in the skin. There are other examples where the roles are reversed, where the black creature in the video is the cat and not the rabbit. But at the base of all of these inter-species, interracial mixing acts we see two base components.

    Promiscuity and addiction.

    Rabbits and cats are in this cycle of taunting and raping because, yes, humans are putting them in the same environment. But in these environments, and outside the sordid living conditions that are typical of cat and rabbit owners, we see something far worse.

    Some animals have sin built into their genome. Did Satan splice sin into them or is it due to demonic influence? Such questions are beyond the scope of today’s question and word-based empirical assay, but we can readily hypothesize that there are certain truths.

    Cats are promiscuous. They seek and even crave contact with other creatures in a sexual manner and will do anything to ensure such happens. Cats are known to become infected with FIV and develop AIDS, much as is common within the human homosexual community. This suggests that to understand cats, we can also use the homosexual community as study specimens. And as such, to understand a homosexual, we must only observe the actions and habits of a house cat.

    Furthermore, cats and rabbits show signs of addiction. Rabbits are lower tier mammals, their brain function retarded and cannot really be faulted by being sex addicts. Like a Democratic senator on a drunken Chappaquiddick night, the habits of a rabbit are usually deadly and destructive. Yet, rabbits tend to be retarded, much like many leading Democrats past of false morality.

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