• Why Does Oprah Winfrey Get Away with Being Black McNasty, Al Sharpton/Jesse Jackson/MSNBC/Liberals?

    April 30, 2011 9:17 pm 29 comments
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  • The Queen of Talk, Oprah Winfrey, gets away with many things.  She made fun of the cattle industry and caused many fervernt farmers to go near broke, all because she hates democracy and acts like she can’t pack down a Heart Attack Burger in a cool 30 minutes.  Let’s not forget this is a woman who can pack down vat after vat of macaroni and cheese when she’s having a pouty billionaire night.

    But today’s thought isn’t about all of that.  It is about the double standard of racism in America.  Why do black people get away with being racist?

    Sure, it sucks that your ancestors were brought over here in chains, black people.  It really does.  If I had a time machine, I’d go to the future and grab Biff’s almanac and come back to become rich.  I would never change the past, however, sorry.

    And that’s what you have to realize, black folks.  You can keep dwelling in the past, trying to blame your community’s shortcomings on things like slavery and Jim Crowe laws, but the fact of the matter is that you’re running an excuse mill.  Your black knights, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, gallantly gallop into the media headlines whenever the most obscure offense to a black person occurs.  They will whine for days on end.

    But last week, we had a girl beaten to the point of having seizures at a McDonalds, and what do we get  from the black community.  I saw several plotting, saying the girls must not get prison for a hate crime.  Where did the hate crime word even come into that story?

    When everyone thought the McDonald’s victim was white, the word hate crime never came up.  Everyone was fine and dandy.  There is a Black History Month, but if there was a Jewish History Month, Chinese History Month or the dreaded White History Month, there would be riots.  Let’s not even talk about Djibouti History Month.

    Oh, let’s talk about it, because Djibouti is full of black people.

    So now we have this ironic video, of Oprah Winfrey making fun of a white woman because she has dreads in her hair.  Oprah, Ms. Color Purple and Miss Let’s Make a Big Deal Over Slavery, being an open racist against whites.

    This is the double standard of America.


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