• Why Is CNN.com Stealing Articles from ChristWire.org? The Ugly Predatory Face of Plagiarism 2.0

    April 19, 2011 12:07 pm 6 comments
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  • Prowling through thickets of jungle, the angry Predator silently stalked its prey.  The teenage son of a band of warriors, so powerful that they even brought terror into the expanse of the heavens in space, he had no fear of petty Earth soldiers.  He cared not if they were Marines or Army, he was a Predator.  An alien master.  His write of passage was nigh.

    In the end, it was only a strong man with a funny accent who redeemed Earth and made those predators think twice.  A strong Republican man named Governor Arnold Schwarzeneggar.

    As Hollywood has ironically taught us, there are creatures and institutions out there who love to invade our homes and steal our life, goods and creation as their own.  They are predators.  They are big monsters who twist reality to serve their own needs.  In America, we know these people as leaders and we know that their flagship is CNN.com.

    And while CNN is continuing to be the little puppet of the most dangerous Barack Hussein Obama, a man who got away with faked birth certificates and having the ooga booga throw-a-bomb frightful name of Hussein and still being president, that still is not enough.  The liberal socialists cannot just take their victory and leave us moral folk to plot and bend reality back to the truth, so that a good man like Jeb Bush or Mike Huckabee can be president in 2012.

    Today several angry readers emailed the HolyMailbox, claiming that a CNN Predator has robbed us of our holy words, taking our moral standpoints and twisting them into his own.  This was a piece written by our very own Megan Lindeke, a semi-progressive Republican who has her heart in the right place most of the time.  A man named Granderson is taking credit for a ‘opinion piece’ which sounds much like that what Megan wrote almost two years ago.  Let’s take a look at CNN’s billion dollar reporting prowess:

    The original piece by Lindeke was titled, “Parents, Don’t Dress Your Daughters like Tramps.”  Angry and outraged, she then upgraded it to “Parents, Please Stop Dressing Your Daughters Like Sluts.”  When we contacted her today to see if she thought the similarities were too strong, she said definitely yes and that she had actually written this piece in 2007 for serveral other organizations, and then brought it here with expanded content after seeing more pants with Juicy across the rear and shirts with “spicy” across the chest of young girls.  Let’s keep in mind that Megan is a very beautiful young woman who writes journals in Hawaii and does Hula dance instructing, not a strong yet friendly African-American gentleman with a penchant for ‘borrowing’ words in an artful manner.

    Here is Megan’s original: The Original – Parents, Please Stop Dressing Your Daughter’s Like Sluts

    CNN Remix with no credit:  The Copied – Parents, Stop Dressing Your Daughter’s Like Tramps

    Outrage and ire, the Abercrombie and Fitch controversy and pink nails on children fiasco is a great catalyst for writing and researching articles like this.  But if you come across an article where readers are passionate and endeared, such as ours, Granderson, you should just say ‘Hey, these guys agree’ instead of making our email box fill up with message, after message after message saying that “CNN is stealing your stuff”.

    This may not even be plagiarism, but the wording, tone and content are pretty close.  The titles are definitely in the same line.  And when such an onslaught of readers are haggling about it, there is something there.

    The point of all this is that I think everyone here on the moral right agress with you.  Something needs to be done about the fashion no-nos on children.  We’ve exposed Miley Cyrus’ young sister in very inappropriate attire and bused the chops of Juicy Couture.  Megan is certainly no stranger to ‘tanned’ lines and bared midriffs in her Hawaii home, where she assures this is a major ongoing problem, especially for tourists coming in.  Our revered founder and leader, Jack Gould, sees it in college-aged mothers all the way down to the Juicy diaper wearing babies who wear their branded onesies.

    CNN, when we have the change to line up reality with your typical left wing fluttering chicken without a head reports that squawk and squirm all through America, we need to nail it.  Yes, there is hope for all of us when you report the news correctly.  You’ve been getting better and your ratings have shown God and America’s approval of accurate news coverage.  This is the exact type of opinionated fact that we need in the mainstream news, so people can agree and become upset with us.  In this process, though, there is common courtesy and when you ‘borrow’ ire, don’t rip of nice Hula girls who are doing the Lord’s work in Hawaii.

    Because biting a story headline is still nothing more than veiled socialism.  And socialism is exactly what your man, Barack Hussein Obama, is using to destroy this fine country.  Ganderson, strong work with the outrage, weak work with the title.  Let’s do better on crediting in the future, if this scandal is all true.

    Predatory Plagiarism.  The act of a billion dollar news organization routing the little guy who is trying to stand up for the moral majority and remind America of what a few little guys, Our Founding Fathers, wanted when the stood up against the billion dollar evil known as the Redcoat British Empire.  It’s a new social concept that was invented for scenarios just like this.  It may not apply this time, but the concept remains pure.  We must continue to break down Obamacrats and their spinster news organizations at every turn, or they will continue to try to pick apart the last bastions of good news — TheBlaze, ChristWire, Breitbart, Drudge, Fox, OneNewsNow and MichelleMalkin.

    They will merge Aol with Huffpost, oh wait, they have!  They will create large social sites where all their users plan our giant orgy parties and then ‘upvote’ stories for liberal news organizations, causing their articles to look more popula…oh wait, they already have!

    The signs are here and fatcat CNN is playing right along.  Liberal news organizations, even when they write opinions that people agree with, are ultimately doing the work of Satan.  They are going to combine all their opinions into one super ‘news’ organization that everyone will watch.  They will crush the little guys and take our featured ideas and call it their own.  They will say “Reality has a liberal bias” and if we don’t turn left-wing like everyone else, they will just crush us since we refuse to be their frill fingered minions like Jon Stewart and Rachel Maddow.

    Predatory Plagiarism.  It is the death of independent media and the birth of a One Goverment type of world the liberals want, where there is no dominant America guiding the lesser nations.  A foreigner will lead and Nikolai will be his name.  Just watch.

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