• Why The Gays Have Power

    April 9, 2011 9:10 pm 57 comments

    America, once the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.  Now, we’re becoming a bastion of homosexuality and on a fast-pitch slide to the dirty gloves of third-world shame.  How is it that a glorious nation has fallen so quickly?  How can it be that our society is falling apart at the seams?

    To answer this imporant questions one must understand the fundamentals of life science.  Biology.  At the core of all existence, is the atom and at the core of the atom, is the nucleus.  The nucleus of America is the nuclear family, that is, a hard-working husband and a loving wife. the product of which is a union that bears natural children who receive love, respect and good training for ethics.

    But when that process is broken, America falls.  Order is lost.  The biggest threat to thet American family right now are homosexuals.  These menacing beasts do not respect the nuclear family.  They fornicate and partake in a culture of lust.  They do not care about the declining morals of future generations, but only where there next ‘booty call’ will come from.  These are people who have created much disease and caused much grief for our constitutionally Christian nation.  On our sister site onenewsnow.com we polled our Christian readers and found a staggering poll result.

    How are homosexuals making so many affronts to our families and so fast, and taking over this nation.  We can tell homosexuals are taking the helm, because the signs of the Apocalypse increase.  Countries fall to the power of earth-shaking horror and massive water surges, all as prophesied in holy text.  The leaders of the world are dark and full of even darker lies.  The shadow cast over this world will only be relieved by the burning light of fiery glory and wrath.  The gays will be the kindling, but before their ultimate fall, we must find out how they rise.

    If America is to progress forward to be God’s nation as in our National Pledge, we must figure out how to remove our obstacles to decency.  We must figure out how the greatest enemy and danger to the Normal Family is getting its power.  By polling Christian readers, we have found the most probable sources of the gay’s increased power in politics and media.

    As you can see, the question is simple.  What’s the major factor that allows homosexuals — a tiny 2% fraction of the whole population — to dictate major changes in cultural morality?

    Money came in at 15.21%.  Gays in Hollywood are loaded in more ways than one.  They may enjoy nightly binges in quualade and Nyquil parties, to loosen up for their favorite bodily function but do not underestimate them. When these monsterous Hollywood gays are sober they are very dangerous and very rich.  They buy out interest in DC and get the FCC to soften up on rigid guidelines, so they can slide homosexual shows like Yo Gaba Gaba, Glee, Ellen and more right into your home and into the innocently impressionable eyes of your children.  That’s just the tip of the iceberg and yes gays are using wealth to molest your children in secret, right in your own home.

    Half-truths.  7.67% .  The number should be higher on this one.  Gays love to tell fables that say they were ‘born’ the way they are.  They try to say the do not fantasize about exploiting the innocence of others, especially your children.  If that was the case, why is it that over 70% of gay relationships and gay “marriage unions” end in cheating?  Gays are naturally promiscuous and have no true ties, because their hearts cannot feel true love.  The human body was made to love the opposite gender; gays gays have is sinful lust.  That is why for every one gay, they think it is alright to outright snatch and exploit 4 innocent people.  Will your child make it on the 5 o’clock news, snatched by one of these danger gays?

    Intimidation rolls in at a frightening 32.59%.  Gay people tend to be bullies.  If you go up to a gay and tell him you do not agree with his desire to force society to accept sodomy, he will call you a bigot and make threats to harm you and your way of life.  Gays will relentlessly badger the law of America, all so they can have the right to stick their phallic shame into the inappropriate areas of other and ply children with alcohol at their deceptive rainbow parties.  The gays are so intimidating, they have taken the sign of God’s love and promise to never flood the Earth and use it as their flowing banner standard, a sign which lets us know they plan to flood our culture with fruit laden cuisine and loose wrists, then flood us all with a warm stream of painful backside shame and we’ll be forced to endure it, lest we be called bigots and bullied even more.  That is the gay’s ultimate dream and why they keep trying to bully their way into the cultural norm at any cost.

    Satan is on their side.  44.63%.  The numbers do not lie.  Satan is a glam queen, sitting upon his nest in throne and hatching out new schemes to molest morality in our culture.  What better molestors than the crown princesses’ of molestation, the homosexual community.  Gays have a penchant for prodding in the wrong areas and that is exactly what Satan wants.  He wants homosexuals to gain rights that will allow deadly diseases and family-tearing despair to rip through our culture.  Satan wanst college boys to wake up confused and with headaches after a night of blacked out memories, the only lasting reminders of the nights events being a sore backside, a strange taste in the mouth and a random Swiss man named Claude.

    These are the horrors of the gay agenda and the power they are wielding.  They want people to have more experience with the gay culture, whether it be simply through television or raw contact, so that we will more readily accept gay friendly society and culture.  These are the same tactics Satan used when he convinced angels it was a good idea to defy God and bow before his manicured feet.  God does not like ugly and their is nothing uglier than the site of two men with tongues nestled in each other’s bodies.

    Know that the power of Satan will always bow before the slightest whisper of God.  And know that in time, the gay’s ultimate source of power will fall eternally in a bottomless pit, an expansive bottom that not even the most seasoned gay would dare want to explore.

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