• Woman Can’t Close Her Eyes After Plastic Surgery

    April 3, 2011 7:53 am 4 comments
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    If there is one thing in modern society I cannot stand, it is the superficial attitude that stains our culture. Media and marketing promote a fantasy world where all men have intriquitely ripped definition in prominent abdominal musculature, while women are objectified by sleek curves and sultry lips.

    Wrinkles and gray hair are no longer considered as signs of aging with wisdom and grace. They are seen as something of which to be ashamed.

    It is my firm belief that natural is best. Let bellies hang and wrinkles sag. Be healthy, but enjoy yourself for yourself. What I think really caused that Michael Jackson boy’s fall from greatness into a criminal is when he became addicted to plastic surgery.

    In the following video, a woman went in for a routine anti-wrinkle surgey but came out with losing the ability to blink her eyes. She is suing the doctor but maybe she should be going after the media culture that says letting someone butcher your face and natural life process is preferred to natural aging.

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