• $1,515 Charred Flag Shirt Could be Worn to Next US State Dinner – Stop Embarrassing Us FLOTUS!

    May 13, 2011 10:44 pm 8 comments
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    My rockets red glare when I saw this $1,515 silk shirt depicting the burnt symbol of our American Heritage for sale on the interwebs by none other than the French designer house, Balmain’s. The tank is silk with faded prints of what is the American flag, held by safety pins on the side seams and featuring burn holes from welding or an overused crack pipe.

    The First Lady has shown support for the French fashion house, wearing Ballmain’s creations on more than one occasion. It isn’t difficult to image the clothes horse in the disgusting design with burn holes.

    Fashion Police Violation!

    Someone has some ballmains to desecrate the symbol of the American forces that kept that bunch of sissy pussy feathers from specking der Deutch.
    George Alatzas, retired Army soldier heard about the fashion article and told the New York Post:

    “I think it is a disgrace for a Frenchman or anyone else to desecrate the American flag. Our flag has witnessed many sacrifices. It is the glue that holds our patriotism together. Shame on those who defile it in any way.”

    Shame indeed, but even at home the disgrace burns a little more. Marty Callaghan, spokesman for the American Legion, however, tells The Today Show:

    “There’s no breach of flag etiquette about wearing an article of clothing that happens to be red, white and blue, and that appears like a flag that might be tattered. Some people think these items are in bad taste, but there’s nothing we can do or can’t do to urge the manufacturer to halt sales of these items. We have no issue with these fashion statements.”

    This is Crazy, Isn’t It?

    It is apparent the American Legion has become the French Foreign Legion. While the clothing is not made of a burnt flag, the design and style are definitely a one finger salute from our French cousins. The lead designer for Ballmain’s during the design phase was Christophe Decarnin who is currently in a mental hospital after a breakdown because he was ashamed of his Frenchiness.

    This might explain the crazy design and the $1,515 price tag. Women’s Wear Daily Reports of Christophe (who spells like this?) from a recent runway show;

    “The designer was absent under doctor’s orders, after having recently been released from the hospital, where he was said to have been treated for depression. A Balmain spokesman said Decarnin was involved in the design.”

    First she invites a street gang rapper to the white house and now this! Madame First Lady – America has many talented designers, not in a psych ward, that could design and provide you with lovely clothes and not embarrass the rest of the country in the process. Buy American!

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