• 17 Ways Liberal Single-Moms Are Destroying America

    May 26, 2011 1:01 am 131 comments
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  • Not beating their children

    Liberal laws in this country have forbidden us from doing our biblical duty, and that is to not spare the rod. This is because liberal mothers are scared their children will grow up to be good upstanding conservatives who know the holiness of a swift beating and rather become spineless liberal Satanist pansies who cut the heads off of neighborhood cats and smoke marijuana. Thanks to them an entire generation will grow up having never experienced a whipping and therefor technically not eligible to even get into heaven.

    Being divorced

    Liberal women never stay married, because no man can handle their feminazi ideas for too long. They usually disguise themselves at first as good a God-fearing woman and then later on after they bear children and have the man right where they want him, they demand he have anal sex with the gardener. When he gets wise and high tails it out of there, they continue their treachery by sleeping with school children. Be wary if your child has a friend with a single mom, even if you have a daughter. If you let visit her friend she will probably get raped.

    Being divorced lesbians

    It won’t be one of the many men she no doubt has in and out of the house, however, that rapes your daughter. It will be the mom herself. Often times, during a marriage, a woman will not be as attentive to what she subjects herself to as a her Christian husband is, and she may very well be exposed to the homogay through television or Internet programming. After they get infected their first step is to infect others, so they have someone to share their sin with. Make sure it isn’t your child they have their eye on.

    Drinking every night of the week

    Having no man around, a woman will usually turn to the bottle. Respectable churches don’t accept their kind into the flock. Often times they extend their alcohol habits to any children that may be present by leaving their sin bottle unguarded while they retreat to back rooms to sleep with the guys who bought them the liquor. The temptation is too much for the children involved and they usually grow up to be raging alcoholics who beat their wives and kick their dogs.

    Doing all kinds of drugs

    If you ever have the unfortunate luck to visit a single-mom household, you will probably see things like needles and bongs laying around everywhere. Without a man around to control things women often let themselves go, in more categories than just weight. The desire to sin is just to strong for them and without God to bring a decent Christian fellow into their life they often turn to drugs to fill the void. They end up giving these drugs to their kids, and in turn their kids give them to your kids.

    Bringing the liberal agenda to the PTA

    These women used to be shamed from going into public, but lately the liberal and homogay agenda has been encouraging them to spread gayness and heathenism amongst the masses. They demand that others children be raised just as godless as theirs are, and that’s why your children aren’t allowed to bring their Bibles to church anymore. It is also why the ten commandments aren’t taught and the lie of evolution gets class time over the truth that God made the Earth in 7 days 6,000 years ago.

    Sleeping with black guys

    Most decent Caucasian fellows know better than to get involved with a fast unmarried woman, unless they are dirty lumberjacks or truck drivers. Even the illegal Mexican has his reservations about approaching one of these harlots for a green card. Black guys, however, seem to have no reservations about these women. That is because they are usually pimps looking to add more whores to their stables. Before you know it, the children are mixed up to and stealing your lawn care products to sell for crack.

    Making their kids listen to Lady Gaga and not sing church hymns

    I see these women driving around all the time on my way to minister to unfortunate inner city youth as part of one of Christwire’s many outreach programs. They pack three kids of different national origins into a minivan and blare the devils music at full blast everywhere they go. The children end up thinking being a transsexual is ok. They start trying to wear mommy’s clothes, and since she doesn’t beat them for it, they grow up and we get reality television shows like “Rupauls Drag Racing”.

    Letting their kids drink beer and have drunken sleepovers

    Good Christians don’t allow sleepovers, as they do nothing but encourage half naked teen girls to explore each other’s naughty parts. Single moms usually have them so they can distribute drugs and alcohol in hopes of later taking pictures and selling them to the Catholics on the Internet. Since they don’t make as much at work as the men do, and rightly so because they can’t do the quality of work as a man, they use these means to supplement their income so they can purchase more booze and drugs.

    Teaching their kids Hillary Clinton is a hero

    Hillary is obviously a homogay man in disguise. Her Adam’s apple proves that. It is probably one of the biggest cover-ups in the Democratic party today. Many democratic senators have knowledge of it, but they aren’t talking because they had homogay relations with her/him. Liberals often talk her up, and single moms are almost exclusively liberal. Many use her to encourage their daughters knowing full well that it is only making them homogay.


    The idea that women are better than men and don’t need a man to raise a child. This is the core belief behind the single moms in this country and the organizations they run and participate in. They would rather be whores than mothers, but since you can’t sell children to the Chinese anymore and they couldn’t afford an abortion, they have to do both. They also don’t shave and tell their kids not to and that makes us no better than the dirty French.

    Showing their kids prostitution is ok

    All the sexual acts we have discussed prior in this investigative piece of journalism culminate to teach their children one thing most of all, other than hatred for Jesus; it is ok to have sex for money. Even the boys often end up as gay prostitutes giving handjobs down by the pier for a few nickels towards their next can of brew. Children from two parent Christian homes never end up like this. It is always the ones who learn homogay at a young age that take to it like a fish to water.

    Buying their kids Yankee Jerseys

    We all know Derek Jeter is a homogay. You can tell by his gingerly appearance and seemingly inviting eyes. He wants to rape you. A-Rod is his man-slut now, and gays use this as a code as to which sexually deviant activity they are into. The ones who wear the Jeter uniforms are the tops, the bottoms are the ones with A-Rod’s name on their backs.

    Dressing their daughters like whores

    Most single mothers are whores anyways, so dressing their daughters to look just like them is second nature. It has been happening more and more since Obama took office and more and more girls are inviting rape from the blacks and Mexicans. The moms shop at stores such as Hot topic and Sears, buying clothes that show off the backsides of their 12 year old daughter with big letters saying ‘booty shorts’. It might as well say ‘look here to sin against the Lord”. Except the blacks and illegal Mexicans, who see “Rape victim”.

    Foregoing church for sodomy instead

    Do you ever see any single mothers at your Sunday church services? Of course you don’t. If you do the church you attend may be a front ACORN and teaching your children to be terrorists. It is because single moms stay home Sunday morning to have sodomizing sex with whatever bloke got them hammered the night before. Instead of going to church and hearing the word of God, the children are instead forced to hear their mother get analed by whatever man was drunk enough the night before to wake up there in the morning.

    Allowing homogay literature into their home

    Bibles aren’t allowed in liberal households, but they treat the Koran like it was sacred and holy and can’t even be used to start a fire anymore. Tabloids such as National Geographic Magazine, which promotes the Devil’s lie of evolution, are often found gracing the coffee tables. Because women left on their own without a man to straighten them out will believe anything. Even witchcraft, and they probably do.

    Randomly sleeping with men they don’t know

    This is probably why they are single moms in the first place. Sometimes the dads aren’t even aware that they may have once had a child with one of these wenches. They usually continue this activity until either the Lord smites them and they can’t have kids anymore or the law steps in. Also, after a man sleeps with them if he is sensible he runs. This is why they usually eventually end up turning to homogay lesbian relationships.

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