• 5 Crucial Tips for Women Using a Public Toilet

    May 15, 2011 10:57 am 10 comments
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  • A terrifying experience that befalls every woman is the urge to have a public wazzing upon the porecelain daisy.  At home, this is a very private matter where a woman can collect her thoughts and not worry of being accosted by germs or a Japanese camera pervert.

    But in public, it is a totally different ballgame.

    The most horrendous aspect of being with a woman who must open her special parts in public is the risk to the man.  If a husband enters his wife after a diseased splash in a toilet area, for a lifetime his duty and ability to have children may be hindered.

    It is the duty of woman to ensure purity to body by employing proper techniques upon any public excremental purgatory.  This wisdom holds especially true for you young women in college, who to date have always had the firm guidance of your father or caring brother to see you to a safe location when the urge hits you and you are in public.

    At times, you may only be out with drunken fraternity boys and your girlfriends.  These people will not take great care in preserving your purity and down-there hygeine.  It is up to you to protect your virtue, so your husband will find your chaste and acceptable upon your big night following marriage.

    This guide is to help you, not just for now.  But a lifetime.  Remember the images and share with your friends, women of faith.

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