• 9 Closet Homogay Hollywood Actors

    May 19, 2011 5:37 pm 24 comments
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  • Tommy Lee Jones

    Tommy Lee Jones is a man’s man; or so he would like you to believe. Not many people remember, but he had a homogay affair with Al Gore during his college years. This all came out a few years ago but was quickly swept under the rug by the liberal agenda in an attempt to make Al look better for the lies he spread in the speech he gave that he called a movie.

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    Tom Skerrit
    You probably haven’t heard of this guy, but he has a surprisingly long homogay movie career. It started way back in 1986 when he played Tom Cruises gay lover in Top Gun and even spanned over two millennia with his re-occurring role on homogay sausage smoking sitcom “Will and Grace”. Don’t let his down home demeanor fool you, if you turn your back he will only try to rape your children.

    Ed Harris

    Like Tommy, Ed would like you to believe he is in no way homogay; do not. Watching the way he looks at the leading men he so often plays opposite of, like Russell Crow and Nicholas Cage, you can tell there is nothing but lust behind his old scheming eyes. Is it a surprise that he is never a leading man, and never has relations on-screen with women of any kind, even old hags? Instead, he spends most of his time homogaying it up in movies with fellow homogay…

    Bill Paxton

    When gay people buy calendars, they prefer the sort that has Bill Paxton shirtless. A recent study by the research team here at Christwire has uncovered that 90% of the households in the United States that allow homogays to roam free have at least one half-naked picture of Mr. Paxton, either hanging on the bathroom wall or hiding under the bed with all the other homogay pornography. He has also been seen playing a gay character on Frasier, along with fellow openly gay Kelsey Grammar and the short British guy who no one cares about but is definitely a feminine.

    Steve Buschemi

    While generally considered unattractive by god fearing women, the homogay community considers him to be a raw hunk of man flesh. He got most of his roles by sleeping with openly gay director Quentin Tarintino and helping him find little boys to rape. He was good at this because as you can tell by his jawline he used to be a pedophile with a van full of candy. Which would be the perfect role for him.

    Val Kilmor

    Men who wear their hair long and blond are usually not Samson from the old Bible tales, but rather homogays who play one good role opposite Kurt Russel then do a whole slew of other movies that make Jesus cry. His sin has begun to show on his waistline, as the once leading actor has now been reduced supporting roles for fat guys. His homogay is expected to be released soon, however, just as the donuts released his bulbous ass.

    Wesley Snipes

    If he wasn’t before, he is surely tasting man-sausage now. Many don’t know this, but Wesley Snipes is in prison. His heathen ways finally caught up to him and he is now homogaying for protection in the big house! He also played a transvestite in a movie, prancing around in dresses which no doubt he is getting plenty of practice at now. I hope he has stocked up on cigarettes, as that and his loose and ravaged manhole will be his only means of currency for the next two years.

    Cillian Murphy

    His eyes are that of a woman who wears animal-tested makeup. Many of his roles are on the edge of gayness and opposite other strapping young non homogays like Christian Bale as well as those who are openly gay like Chris Evans. A closer look reveals he is also a vegetarian, and Irish, which are both red flags that he also loves anal sex.

    Adam Sandler

    Sandler has tried to play the man-role in many different bad comedies. However, if you keep stringent watch on what is going on, you will also find he likes to surround himself with homogays. He even accepted a role in which he played a guy pretending to be a homogay then blackmailed great American Dan Akroyd into being in the movie as well. He is also Jewish, which has been documented to be a source of homogay for many others such as Sammy Davis Jr, Rod Carew, and Hitler.

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