• A Male Dominated Culture

    May 25, 2011 12:42 am 23 comments
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  • Is America truly the land of the free, the home of the brave?

    While the patriotically blind will cross they eyes and yell, “Our troops” to the question above, a more pensive mind will appreciate the cartoon that capture my thought’s today.

    America is a land that was founded by men.  Let’s face it.  In the 1700s, women were still basically in a gilded cage.  A life of pretty dresses, being dominated by the husband at night and tending to the children that resulted was pretty much a woman’s role at the time.  Sure, there were those who broke the mold, but in a culture where it was okay to rend the flesh of a servant because his skin had a ton of melanin, women surely were not seen as much more valuable, other than the vaccuous tunnel of flesh were possess in between our legs.

    As culture progressed, so have rights.  Women get paid more today.  We get less objectified.  But somewhere in all this, we also are still the victims of a patriarchal society.

    Today’s America often points an accusatory finger at the Middle East, wagging our fingers and saying the men over there oppress their women.  Women cannot vote or drive.  Women are forced to wear thick clothing and be at the mercy of their husbands.  Women are stoned for breaking the mold.

    But what about America?  If I were not a taut, fit and attractive woman of islander descent, would I be as highly revered among my peers?  I catch men ogling me day in and day out.  I cannot go workout without having a comment made about my chest or backside.  It can be flattering, but in the end, it’s always offensive.  Why are people, men, in America so comfortable sizing me up and objectifying me?

    It is because we still have a male-dominated culture.  There is not one man who reads this site who has not made an undue comment about a female coworker or classmate’s body to his friends.  Sure, women do the same thing.  But how many would snicker if a girl walked in with unshaven arms.  Or perhaps some facial hair?

    Hair unkempt.  Sweaty after working out at the gym.  Wearing sweats and flannel all the time.  We would be called unkempt or lesbian butch.  Women are expected to keep up a prissy, weak mannerism in the US.  The ‘norm’ for women stems from our history of being subservient sex objects for the dominate male lead of the house.  This culture is seen in media and subconciously supported by most men of this nation.  Women are treated with a degree of disrespect by all guys.  Who says I want that door open?

    Who says I want your compliments about how I look?

    Men are too comfortable objectifying females in this county and really, it is just about as prominent as we see in the Middle East.

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