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    May 8, 2011 3:58 am 2 comments
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    I came across your website a few months ago and I must say that I was a bit disturbed. Before I go into detail, I want to say that I am a conservative evangelical myself. However, over the past couple years I have matured in my faith out of the stage that you are in. I used to be exactly like you. I paid attention to small details and condemned everything that wasn’t about God and practically thought that I was better than everyone else.

    However, I want you to truly look at what you do from a scriptural perspective. Now, don’t think that I think Jesus only talked about love. It is true that Jesus did talk about love a lot, however, he did condemn unrighteous practices. However, not to the extremes that you do. However, how did Jesus say that the world would recognize His disciples? He said that it would be by love. Now, you may think that what you are doing is love, and it might be from your perspective. That was what I did. I thought that condemning evil practices was loving, and from my perspective it was. I wanted to help others achieve righteousness, but I wasn’t seen as a loving person by others. Love is nothing if others don’t see you as loving. I think that is what you all are lacking at.

    I have actually considered writing a book on this topic. I think that you all are Pharisees rather than Disciples. Pharisees are people who worry about the law over serving God and others. Speaking from experience, I can tell you that focusing on the law too much will make you into a hypocrit. We are not called to be perfect. If we could be morally perfect, we would not need the redemption of Christ. When Jesus told us to be perfect, he was calling us to trust in him so that we could be made perfect. A person does not lose their salvation if they sin, but you all act like it does.

    In short, I want to encourage you all to seriously think about what you are doing with this website. I think that you are at an immature point in your faith, because I used to be at that point. If you ever truly want to serve God and deliver the Gospel, you have to abandon this personage of a Pharisee. Become a Disciple. I encourage you to do so. Mature in your faith and realize this principle in your life.

    Thank you and God bless

    Aaron F.

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