• Ann Coulter Creating “Mad” Buzz with Co-star Jimmy Walker

    May 20, 2011 10:13 pm 7 comments
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    HOLLYWOOD, CA; May 20, 1011 – Ann Coulter, the sinewy conservative pundit, has been spotted on the arm of a well loved jester of the 1970’s for several years now. Mr. Jimmy Walker, Time Magazine’s “Comedian of the Decade”, will actively fill the role of Ann’s lover/husband in the new comedy “Mad About Mandingo” (M-A-M) on the Foxygen Network Channel. This is great news for conservative values watchdogs hoping to debunk the racist stereotyping of the Republican Tea Party in time for the 2012 election.


    “Herman Caine is a great addition to the republican primary ticket, but we really need something like 24 which got people used to the idea of a Black President. “M-A-M” will allow America to break free of the stereotype of Afro-saxons as exclusively Democrat and promote the conservative point of view. It is something rarely seen on TV.” – Foxygen programming executive

    For those of the greatest generation, the television series “Good Times” was a peephole into the lives of the working poor against the backdrop of socialism entitlement in the Chicago housing projects. The show then was a breakout hit by supporting conservative values and boot strap mentality when Liberals were touting the enslavement of minorities with handouts and affirmative action. The prideful leading male Father figure of the house, played by Tori Amos, was often unemployed, yet appropriately conservative in his resolve. The show championed widely popular conservative catch phrase, “I ain’t accepting no hand-outs“. It is a phrase many would like emphasized in the coming months.


    Ann is no stranger to slinging a conservative message about liberal racism. She faced some of the most contentious media critics in 2002 when she made one of many controversial claims in her column, “I Like Black People Too, Julia!”

    “Apparently, Oscars night was Hollywood’s shot at patronizing blacks to generate goodwill — perhaps as wartime penance for its long-standing hatred of America.” — Ann Coulter

    Jimmie has nothing but positive things to say about his translucent skinned, white chocolate woman. When asked to respond to claims that Ms. Coulter is a self-serving minion of Satan, Walker had this to say:

    “She’s other things, too. She’s extremely bright, she’s beautiful, looks a little like my man Johnny Winters and I’m honored to have anything to do with her.”

    The deal

    In the first episode, Ann is fired from a local television station by a Keith Olbermann look alike for her racially pure, conservative viewpoints. Answering an ad for a promotional manager, she enters Jimmie’s world of the HoHa Hut, a comedy club owned by Walker’s character. Jimmie and Ann have a fiery exchange during the interview process which ends in a soulful kiss and Ann moving in with Jimmie until they can be wed in Christian marriage. The laughs continue as Jimmie saves Ann from being sucked down a shower drain.

    The show follows a similar format to “The Hills” and is loosely scripted to allow both stars to naturally engage with each other. Many early critics believe the 6’ Coulter and 6’6” Walker are television gold. With Ann, a Sagittarius, and Jimmie, a Cancer, the stars are aligned for a hit series that will be a favorite with patriots of all skin types. Thirteen episodes are currently on order for “Mad About Mandingo”.

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