• AppleCare to Apple Computer Users: Your Mac is Infected, Fun is Over

    May 20, 2011 3:02 pm 57 comments
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  • Long known for not being able to play that game you like and for not working with that printer you just bought, Apple computers are now known for being the “least prepared for” and “most susceptible to” viruses.
    Apple recently increased its market share by leveraging its monopoly, appealing to women and minorities, and attacking PC’s as being full of viruses. But now the joke is on Apple device owners.

    According to a May 16 internal memo obtained by ZDNet security researcher Ed Bott, Apple is instructing its AppleCare support representatives to essentially avoid the entire issue of MacDefender, a Trojan that has plagued Mac users for nearly three weeks by posing as legitimate antivirus software and urging users to download it.

    “AppleCare does not provide support for removal of the malware. You should not confirm or deny whether the customer’s Mac is infected or not,” the memo reads.

    Unlike PC users, Apple users are not rational owners, they see the company as some sort of religion with Steve Jobs as a false god. They are true fanatics willing to pay anything for an overpriced computer just because their religion has tricked them into thinking they are both better than and rebelling against the rest of the world. However, in reality, Apple computers do not run any useful software and are only good for browsing porn.
    When interviewed, user “dt-606160” had this to say:

    If this had been Microsoft assuming such a nonchalant approach to malware, the uproar would be much louder. What Mac users don’t realize is that they’ve avoided the malware pitfalls not because the operating system is superior or their user base is more knowledgeable, but because there hasn’t been a large enough base to make it worth the virus writers’ time. Now, that base is growing, and Apple can either learn from the failings of Microsoft when faced with this issue, or repeat its mistakes. I’m pretty sure it will be the latter.

    While apple used to pretend to be the underdog company in the fight against Microsoft. It is now Apple Computers that is the company that is seen as the evil one:

    From a loyal Apple user:

    “Apple is turning consumerism into communism. Any entity that enforces such anti-competitive practices and dictates what their paying population can and cannot have without any explanation, consistency, or reason is communistic. It’s wrong and I will no longer support it.”



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