• Are New Changes at McDonalds Signs of Impending Chinese Imperialism over America?

    May 12, 2011 1:26 pm 25 comments
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  • Chinese Taking Over America, McDonalds

    China is a blood dragon nation, a people whose power and might have laid dormant in a cold, tepid pool of brooding jealousy for over a millenia. Now, as warned in history lessons of past, the Great Sino dragon has reared its head and is ready to terrorize the lands of the good West, and friends, our most noble Saints and peers are nowhere to be found as our hour of desperate need approached.

    Our nation is fractured, broken.  The dark reign of Barack Hussein Obama has assured such a tragic fate for America.  Now that our Christly nation lays wounded, the great dragon spreads its communist laced wings to not only cast a forbading shadow over our nation of freedom, love and prosperity for all, but also our allies, the weak nations of Earth, who we have shielded from oppressive tyranny since our birth in 1776.

    St. George Slays Imperial Chinese Dragon

    In this commissioned relief by Salvador Dali, the last Knight of Morality, St. George, enters battle with a Chinese Dragon. In this scene, we see the artist's work reveals a triumvirate of symbolism. The man from Western Lands (of God) slays atheist Asian imperialism from the East (Chinese Dragon), a literal dragon (the creatures that infamously tortured capitalist Medieval monarchies) and most prominently, a figurative Biblical dragon (Satan).

    One of the last artifacts of American power is that of our enterprise.  Wal-mart.  Microsoft.  Exxon.  Ford.  McDonalds.  These names make cower the cold, tattered boots of communism.  The death of USSR imperialistic endeavors was brought about by the poised gaze of President Ronald Reagan and the echoing prayers of Pope John Paul II, both men extolling the capitalistic virtues of faith and free reign for business that allowed American might — and Christian tradition — to intimidate the Soviets into renouncing communism altogether.

    But now that our beatified president and pope rest eternally in heaven, we have no more guardians for our business.  The Liberal Democrats mercilessly tax our corporations, all to make money for people who refuse to work or contribute to our great society.Such trespasses have lead America to its weakened state today and know this, my good friends.  Know this.

    China is ready to attack our way of life.  Our beautiful social analyst Amber Cooper issued warning years ago:  Beware, the Chinese.  Beware!

    The chilling account foretold the coming Chinese aggression, all before the dark rise of the current man who calls himself president of America.

    Even in 2009, we were able to smell the acrid fumes of a red tide rising, a poisonous flood of Chinese economic takeovers and financial buyouts, a process which has resulted in 4-foot alien menaces dominating an investing corporate stake in not only our enterprise, but government itself.  Did you know that China owns $1 of over $10 that your family owns.  China owns 10% of your life.   If you own a modest $300,000 home, China owns $30,000.  Terrifying.It is absolutely terrifying to know that you and I owe the savage blood dragon Chinese a total of $1,436,934,759,970.

    China will continue to attack our way of life until that debt is repaid.  And the latest trespass we see is one of our most dear and prized eatery, McDonalds.

    The Fall of The Golden Arches, The Rise of the Chinese Sun

    Revamped McDonalds, recently rebuilt in Palmeretto, Florida. McDonalds plans to make each of its 14,000 restaurants nationwide to look exactly like this.

    Revamped McDonalds, recently rebuilt in Palmeretto, Florida. McDonalds plans to make each of its 14,000 restaurants nationwide to look exactly like this.

    Today’s concerning point started with a recent announcement by US food champion, McDonalds.  For years, McDonalds has proudly used cartoon characters to comfort the children of hardworking American parents, who believe in strong work and steadfast appearances at an employer to insure the stability of the family and the American economy.

    But alas, the Golden Arches are selling out their history, their ethics, to become an establishment that looks ‘modern’.  McDonald’s has confessed their restaurants will become like going to “Starbacks” or an “Apple” store.  Gone will be the fluorescent school style lights and bright colors kids love, and in their place, muted browns and liberal-college-student green, clear signs of catering to the marijuana scented crowd who support things like Obama, Obamacare and socialist endeavors that are ruining American society.

    Gone will be the dollar menu of McDonalds.  It will be replaced by a ‘healthier’, more upscale menu of expensive coffees and soy burgers, things that are outside the budget and time of a hardworking American family.  McDonalds seems to be stemming Draconian concepts that are prevalent to upper-class elements of Chinese society.  A night in Hong Kong will showcase thousands of buildings that look like the new McDonalds.  Do not forget, only 20 years ago Hong Kong looked like a stale English city.  Now, it is splashed with iconic Chinese colors (muted browns, greens, orances and yellows), the same that will be found inside each and every 14,000 restaurants across America.  Why?

    Our investigative reporting has unveiled the horrifying truth:  McDonalds knows a Chinese invasion of America is imminent.  By 2015, as feared by military experts, China will make a move to destroy America.  2015 is the same year McDonald’s plans to have all restaurants in line with the suspicously Chinese palette model.

    Exclusive:  Images of Chinese Domination Plans for America

    These images were sent to us by our field reporter, who remains anonymous by name for his/or her security by our will.  The torture of freedom inspired journalists in China is very well known.

    Chinese Takeover

    chinese takeover

    According to sources, this photograph comes from a military staging area situated outside Beinjing, China.  Military staging is the process of recreating life-sized models of target area for a nation’s military personnel.  President George W. Bush famously used staging areas in organizing the War on Terror.  The most famous Bush-era staging zone was a life-size model of the compound where US troops succesfully captured and killed terrorist Osama bin Laden.

    The Chinese are using the same tactics.  It seems this building is a model for a Chinese/American Friendship Center.  Reviewing history, the set-up of this building is similar to registration stations Hitler used during World War II.  Considering China’s desire to ally with Germany during World War II, the structure is not surprising.

    Chinese American Flag

    In this chilling image, who see the flag Chinese Emperor Hu Jintao has planned for America.  One star to rule them all.  In the middle of the traditional American flag, a star of communist crimson and gold has been placed.  A five point Chinese star deathglides above the 50 American stars, situated to the back as the Chinese star sits in the foreground.  Note the hue of yellow and red of the Chinese power star matches the color scheme being placed in modern McDonalds restaurants.

    Their eyes bead with hatred.  The moment it comes to existence, a Chinese zygote differentiates only to one day make war with America.  There is nothing Godly or friendly about these faces:  since their conception, they had an innate blood hatred for America.  These are the people of Satan, my friends.  Take a good, hard look into their eyes and you will see reflecting back an empty, black sea of jealousy and death.  These are the faces of the Chinese Death Armies, the ones warned about over two Sun passes ago by Amber Cooper.

    The Chinese are staging their attack and their scare faces, so they may bludgeon you and your family repeatedly until death takes hold of you and they bathe in the warmth of your blood and the curdling chills of your screaming family’s misery, the screeching sound trapped forever as a merry melody in their Chinese minds.

    An Anti-McCarthy list.  The Chinese are planning to use Facebook style listings to defy Americans of all flavors who dare stand against their Samurai death armies.  You can see the Chinese have also opted to brand us with a golden star.  Sound familiar?

    More poison.  These are reminscent of the “Paper Tiger” books passed out by Chairman Mao, the self-proclaimed ‘Assassin of Democracy’.

    They plan for us to beg for food after renouncing our God and our Christian Tradition, as foretold in Revelation.

    Obama is already doing his best to destroy our economy so Islamic atheist influence can increase.  What chance does our economy have when the Chinese launch a full assault?

    O say, does that Star-spangled banner still wave, o’er the land of the Free, and the Home of the Brave?

    If we do not issue an Executive Order that forbids any Chinese person from setting foot or harm against America, unless they be met with the holy heat of 10,000 first class nukes, then we will find the hope of our forefathers, the blessed dream of George Washington, will full into the fiery pits of hell, a fated tale of history, no better than the tattered columns of Rome and Greece.

    Ad astra per aspera, my good friends.  And keep the faith.  The red tide is coming.

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