• Attack of the Satan Scepter during Swimsuit Sin Season

    May 26, 2011 11:16 pm 8 comments
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  • Yesterday I reported how I warned my grandson and others of the vile flesh revealing swimsuit whores.

    Member and dirty whorelot Claire, as well as Reverend S. Mutt urged me to make a version for women. Well, today it is time to reveal the dangers of the hung incubus who tempt moral women and less than straight men and boys into the homogay agenda.


    Average Joe

    This guy is just like every other man out there. Desparate to get inside your warm inviting sin sack. You may think he is a nice guy, with a cute smile but beware. He is at the party for only one reason. SIN!

    The lovable foreigner

    He is wierd, hairy, and speaks a different language. As much as you want to deport him back to afromexistan, you want to hug him too. He looks sweet but simple there in his white boxers, surrounded by his wife and sister…or are they both his wife…God I don’t
    know. But be assured as soon as the ladies go inside he will be on the prowl.

    Packin’ Heat

    Praise Jesus!!! Is that a gun in his trunks or is that his sin stick! What ever it is get it away from me!

    Mr. Speedo

    This freak comes to every pool party. He thinks he is cool with his european style, but he is really just dirty sinful eurotrash looking to fill your baby maker with his vile unemployed semen. When you see this one run away!

    The Sports Fan

    At first look the team logo covering his anal carnival ride, may lead you to think he is a normal guy but the low cut trunks should warn you there is more to be reavealed. As soon as your husband or son wonders off to talk about the hometown team it is already over. He will soon be violated. First with a giant #1 hand and then by this degenerates Satan Scepter.

    Come and Get It

    This guy likes to sit, legs spread out with his junk right out there right in your face. Hoping you’ll reach out, grab it, and orally pleasure him. SICK!!!

    The Terror Strike

    OH DEAR LORD!!! Osama Bin Laden may be dead but that weird guy from Turkey…or is it kurkmenistan(?)(who cares) is still alive and ready to drop his dirty bomb. I suggest leaving the party after hitting him on the nose with a rolled up newspaper while shouting “NO! NO! NO!!!”

    The Hairy Guy

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