• Attention Cory And Lex: Interviewing Lesson 101 From Alex Keating

    May 17, 2011 4:38 pm 6 comments
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  • I’m usually a pretty humble guy. Often times I do not like to press my knowledge on others, as in the journalism game it can be seen as unprofessional. However, after listening to the horrid Cory and Lex show on Green960.com, and listening to how they completely destroyed the Christwire segment, I figured these two buffoons could use some pointers.

    I don’t like to brag, but I did get my degree in journalism from Cornell University, which is a top tier school. This included taking broadcast journalism classes. Seeing as how Cory and Lex seem to have absolutely no knowledge in this area, yet run a radio show, the general consensus in the Christwire offices is that they could use my help.

    Interviewing 101: The most important part of doing an interview is letting the person you are interviewing do most of the talking. Your questions should be short and to the point. The entire point of an interview is to let the person tell their own story. If you have someone on your ‘show’, it is not so they can hear your opinion. It is so you, and your audience, can hear theirs.

    Avoid interruptions. They only make you look like a jackass. If you ask a solid question, and the subject starts to talk, when you cut in it only destroys all the work you put in to asking the question and getting the subject to talk. A good interviewer doesn’t even insert himself in the story at all. He is nothing more than a fly on the wall.

    Which brings me to my next point; never, under any circumstances, ever insult the person you are interviewing. Especially, and this rule should be considered as absolute, DO NOT try to link them to Osama Bin Laden. This causes a hostile environment and makes the subject less excited to answer. You want the person to feel you are somehow a champion of their cause by giving them a podium to speak from, not like they are being ambushed. Setting a positive tone from the beginning is an essential part of a successful interview segment.

    Contrary to popular belief, we do not hate Cory and Lex here at Christwire. We love them. Not the homogay love they share with each other, but the sort of love good Christians give sinners during their time of need. Jesus has told us of their peril and we have vowed to save these two homogays from their lives of sin and debauchery. Our goal is to deliver them to Christ as we were delivered ourselves.

    We have two vacant chairs in our Bible study room at the Christwire offices. One of them is labeled Cory. The other one is labeled Lex. They are not for homogays, however, so when you guys decide to stop goosing each other you are more than welcome to join us and study scriptures after you repent your sinful ways.

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