• Barack Obama and David Cameron Kissing with Tongues

    May 30, 2011 8:27 am 275 comments
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  • Barack Obama And David Cameron Kissing

    There you have it.  Barack Obama, the alleged leader of the free world, is kissing with tongues of David Camera.  Barack Obama and David Cameron are kissing.

    I am in a state of reporter’s shock right now.  When I opened my daily email assignments and it said to cover the latest Obama scandal and get everyone upset over a new dark scandal, I could not believe the first bad thing I found he did today.

    I guess we all saw this moment coming.  Over 83% of British males experiment with homosexuality before they are 18, so it is no shock their highly liberal educated Prime Minister is queer.  He likely sips tea with his pink extended and has a naturally gay British accent.

    What is shocking is Obama.  I know when Obama was running against McCain, I accused Obama of homosexuality and corraborated my story with National Enquierer after they called and asked us if the story was true.  Which it was at the time so I could smear Obama.  NBC and Fox News  also reported on that same story and later redacted it.  I redacted my story as well, because the Hawaii pictures and the secret email text from a Hawaii beach bottom boy that said he had a tryst with Obamo may not have been authentic, even though he went into secret details about Obama’s body and a tell-tale skin tag on his right upper thigh.  A detail only Obama’s passed mother (rest her soul) and Michelle Obama should know.

    Also, Muslims frown down upon open displays of homosexuality and you would think Obama’s African kinfolk will be shamed and chuck spears at him if he visists the dark continent.

    Whatever the case, Obama is now clearly the first homosexual president.  Look at the passion and when they take gay turns with each other’s backsides in the White House, there is a good ten minutes of time when Britain once again gets to plant a flag deep into American brown soil and claim itself Master of the World.  Obama is shaming our country and our family.  Poor Michelle.  Poor Sasha and Malia.  What a shame.

    I will report on this issue with more fire and fury when my heart is still not so drenched with sorrow and grief now that we see the president of America is a gay.  What a sick day for normalcy, and what a giant victory for the Gay Agenda.

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