• Barack Obama Makes Fun of Donald Trump, ChristWire, At 2012 White House Correspondents Dinner

    May 1, 2011 9:39 am 16 comments
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    Barack Obama once again showed his true colors, as he played poor sport at the 2012 White House Correspondents Dinner speech and made fun of everyone in America who was concerned that he was not a true American.

    So he has a birth certificate now and he’s flaunting it in our faces. We just asked him a simple, polite question: “Mr. President, Sir, would you please show us your birth certificate so we know you’re really an American?”

    And he refused. Obama was so coy that he would brush off reporters who asked him for it. He looked down from an elevated podium in disgust as Christians and Republicans politely asked him to answer if he was not a terror Muslim from Indonesia, but an island boy of melting pot ancestory from Hawaii.

    Then along came a man of legend and high esteem, Mr. Donald Trump.

    His divine favor proven by his economic might, Donald Trump asked with a powerful gaze and stern voice that Obama show that birth certificate. Obama’s kinship has not seen such a stern, serious face of pure authority since the day they were ordered to a boat on Kenyan shores.

    Obama, with a fear deep rooted in his genetic psyche, obeyed Mr. Trump and released the documents. America finally had the answer that we wanted from the powerful politician. Finally, at least one of our concerns were addressed.

    It took a good man, a true Christian man, named Donald Trump to put the fear of God into the Kenyan descendant and let him know that in America, the national religion is Christian and the power of the angels backs every true American president of proper faith. Obama’s knees quivered and clacked on each other in ashy panic, as he knows that one day Trump will stare him down face to face.

    Until that great moment of debate, Obama continues to make fun of us. In this video presentation at the White House Correspondents dinner, Obama makes a video where he compares himself to great Americans: Optimus Prime, the robot with a heart against communism.

    Jean Claude Van Damme, the martial artist who defeated the most muscular Asian in the history of the world, Bolo Yeung. Sylvester “Stony Pony” Stalone, the man who was given his middle name because his ranching skills, who then became the greatest boxer and actor aside from Apollo Creed. Daniel-son, the boy who taught the Japanese that Americans can learn even martial arts better than they.

    Michael Jordan, a true black American man of great class and respect. He compared himself to the Miracle Mets and the Yankees.

    Then in an ultimate slap to America, Obama leg dropped disrespect on us all by comparing himself to the greatest wrestler of all time, Hulk Hogan. After all this, Obama shows up with a watermelon grin and tells everyone who is angry and stamping their feet, “Have a seat!” in usual Muslim power tripping manner.

    He then says, “Mahalo!” which is Arabic for “Death to infidel Americans!”

    He still slaps us in the face and is coy, and holds the powerful minority vote in his dark crispy hands. Then he makes jokes when we should be serious about our economy, invading North Africa and then nuking China for trying to divest.

    Obama then spent $56 million in a deal to Disney to make his cute little Lion King video. He’s using our taxpayer dollar and cussing us out, America. Wake up! This is a Muslim crusade and Obama is at the helm. He may have a birth certificate, but he is still not a Christian and cares not for God’s favorite country.

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