• Barack Obama Steals Cell Phone from Girl in Ireland

    May 27, 2011 7:57 am 18 comments
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  • You can take the monkey out of the tree, but you cannot take it from the ghetto.  This old saying never holds as much truth as we see Obama cannot resist his Kenyan urge to steal all our money and give it to his Obamacare mommas and then if that was not bad enough, go play house boy for the Queen of England when we need presdiential leadership right here in America!

    Why you over in England pulling out chairs for Queen Elizabeth, Obama, when right here in America the budget is not balanced and catastrophe is taking place!  You go an cannot resist graveling before ol’ massa long enough to do the job you supposedly are experienced enough to do!

    Obama cannot resist pulling out chairs for ol’ massa when he should be here pulling out prayers and truth for our Christian nation


    And before any of you no good liberals try to call me racist, you answer me this. Why is Obama helping the enemy!  I didn’t see King George shedding a tear when our troops froze in the Delaware and England burned down our White House!  I didn’t see them helping the North in the Civil War!  England and the Democrats were teamed up in the South trading cotton, bullets and gin and trying to make America slave capital.

    But a good man named Abraham Lincoln, a Christian and Republican, saved America.  He was the hope and the dream of the slave, but I digress.  Obama steals a cell phone from a beautiful Irish pearl and you can see blacks just cannot resist stealing electronics, no matter how ‘dignified’.


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