• Chihuahuas a Christians Worst Enemy

    May 5, 2011 11:11 am 28 comments
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  • Chihuahuas a Christians Worst Enemy

    This all began at peaceful farm stand in rthe back country of Georgia. My brother and I were with the family getting some boiled peanuts, fresh peaches, and tomatoes. Like good Christians we try to support the local farmer’s. Our precious moment was suddenly interrupted by ABBA music coming from a car in the distance.

    Two men came a driving up in a pink VW convertible. They hit the breaks fast and late, kicking up red Georgia dust which stung me and my brothers eye’s something terrible. We coughed and wheezed. The men were dressed very colorful, and talked very strangely. One was holding two small rats. At least I thought they were rats. Turns out they was dogs. Anyways we were paying the farmers wife, and fixing to leave(Pa was all of sudden anxious to get a move on) when Joey my little brother went to have a closer look at the rats with shiny collars.

    Pa yelled, “get back Joey!”

    It was to late. The rat had bit a chunk out of poor little Joey’s face.

    Pa walked straight over there and wrung that little rat’s neck, spat in the face of the funny dressed mad, and we drove off to the hospital.

    Joey almost died. We later found out they wasn’t rats they was “Chihuahuas.”

    Chihuahuas are Mexican. The Chihuahua is the favorite pet of Homogay’s/HollywoodStars (one in the same). Chihuahuas are hounds from hell.

    Whatever you think you know about Chiauhuas, forget it all!


    “The breed tends to be fiercely loyal to one particular owner and in some cases may become over protective of the person, especially around other people or animals.”

    “Out of 5,000 different dog breeds Chihuahuas are ranked 34 in the top 100 most dangerous.”


    “Legend says that if someone is to stare into its eyes three times or more, the person will definitely die.They are often assigned to guard demons and vampire as they walk in the world of the living. In European legends, seeing a hellhound or hearing it howl may be either an omen of death or even a cause of death.”

    They have penetrated deep within our churches impersonating Ministers and preachers.

    Chihuahuas are expert infiltrators.

    Here we see Chihuahuas with Drag Queens and HomoGay’s.

    Small children look away.

    Now for the real face of this Devil Dog.

    God Bless those who lost their soul’s and lives to obtain4r these pictures as a warning for good Christians.

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    Abigail Williams As the witch trials were coming to an end, Abigail ran away from Salem. It is not certain what happened to her, but rumor has it that she fled to a city somewhere along the east coast.

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