• Chinese Empire Releases Rebecca Black Friday Cover

    May 13, 2011 8:18 pm 10 comments
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  • Chinese MTV has a tendency to take all songs from America and copy them into their language, all without paying royalties. Subverting Hollywood and our American economy is one of China’s common ploys and just one more reason we must eventually nuke Beijing if we are to protect the Western world from Chinese aggression.

    The following video is a Chinese Music Agent stealing a beautiful song from an American teenager named Rebecca Black. Albeit performed in a questionable video where a black man stalks a car full of suburban teenager on a highway, the song “Friday” is about an innocent high school pre freshman who wants to go out driving for ice cream with her friends. She wonders which seat she should take in the car as she goes for a ride of innocence with her homiegirls and her big brother, the driver.

    The Chinese turn this all around and have inserted lyrics about the ‘greatness of Mao’ and how ‘they will stomp heels in America and ravage the innocence of American daughters, then half yellow Chinese loyalists will come from their busoms 9 months later and we will ravage them again to repeat the process’.

    The Chinese apparently plan on using American daughters as incubators for their death armies, building loyalty from our girls because even though forced upon them by a Chinese soldier, the child will still be theirs. This fits with Mike Watson’s recent expose on China’s staging for an American takeover and my piece of the terror we must feel in our hearts due to China’s impending threat on young democracy.

    China is a cold, savage nation. It lurks with the hunger of a drunken Dr. Hannibal Lecter, cooing in a trapped cage and lusting for the slightest trickle of American blood spilt upon their parched, dehydrated lips. The lifeblood of America powers the heart of every single suckling Chinese vampire. China dwells in iniquity, hidden in the dark with the menacing spirit of Dracula himself. A nation of human eating vampires, with no soul or heart, waiting for the proper moment to strike America’s jugular, so they may drain our nation and remain eternally dominant. It is the Chinese empire and the nation is One Nation, Under the Dragon.

    My friends, fear the Chinese. Let us listen to this frightening cover.


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