• Damned Gay Asian Professes Love on Tyra

    May 16, 2011 1:15 pm 8 comments
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    There is a gay Asian named Jimmy Chen and he represents everything that is wrong with the world. Not only is he a super queen, very flamboyant but he makes all Asians look bad. We are not all like him and everyone who watches his video will think so. His love isn’t real and he even cries on camera to try and make his 15 minutes of fame longer.

    Recently he also went on a hunger strike for a Chinese artist, Ai Wei Wei, who has been detained for over a month now. Again, I believe Jimmy is just being an attention whore and giving fasting a blasphemous and bad name. Fasting is a spiritual journey that gets you closer to God and this gay Asian just gives fasting a bad name and reputation. Disgusting!


    Hunger Strike:

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