• Delusional Obama Still Taking Credit for Osama Kill

    May 7, 2011 9:09 pm 7 comments
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    Mike Watson


    Predictable news from the White House today, as Barack Hussein Obama continues his campaign of taking credit for the death of Osama bin Laden.  Like a rabid panther whose brain burns with the nastiest jungle fever, Obama is foaming at the mouth in excitement as he laps up victory praises from all comers.  Obama is a man with no shame and will even take the young men and women of our American Military, the true heroes, and manipulate them to give him praises.

    Main Image

    For those familiar with the Left Behind book series, this is a play straight out of the Antichrist’s book for dominating humanity.  Look at the infectious watermelon grin on the face of this forged paper American.  There is not a loyal bone in his body and you can still see the tense veins in Obama’s hands, for ringing the Osama death bell knoll as he gave his buddy a Muslim burial at sea.

    Would a true Christian, like President George W. Bush, allow Osama to just float peacefully away to the sunset.  No!  He would have let us all have a shot stoning the monster, then leaving him in a third world jungle to be picked apart by the most desperate scavengers.  Not with Obama.  This is a man who will not even let us have the death photos, so we can see them and make nasty and then patriotic remarks to really taunt and upset the no good Muzzies!

    If Obama truly wants us to believe that he was Osama’s greatest enemy and swept into Pakistan like the dark knight, using his African skillset to hunt down the terror mastermind by hand, maybe he should do a better job hiding the evidence of friendship:

    Above, you see what we all feared.  The Super Muslim Bros. are having a great time in Hawaii.  Obama has been layed several times, as indicated by his adulterous neck adornments and Osama is giving his Tuscan raiding brother the thumbs up for hoveling the sandhole of random belly dancers.

    Such a response is not shocking.  After Bill Clinton shocked America by having an affair on our trust and morality, by inserting a phallic cigar into the ‘get a promotion’ zone of the female Monica Lewinsky, the Arab world rallied.  It was not in anger.  But rather approval, with stories of mean like Qaddafi and Mubarak treating Clinton to lavish dinners and drinks, asking him to spill the detail in his ‘kingly’ behavior.

    Exploiting the Office of President and women for carnal desires is a patently Democrat trademark.  We learned such with John Fitzgerald Kennedy.  In the latest book from Larry Flynt, we learn that even the chief communist infiltrator of American history — Franklin Delano Roosevelt, FDR, enjoyed secret trists with his interns but an even bigger shocker, Lady Bird Eleanor Roosevelt was a knuckle dragging lesbian.

    The details are simply gross and shocking, but admired in the lude Democrat circle where values, morality and conservatism are a child’s imaginary playthings to these Satanic individuals.

    How could Obama have the audacity to be at a Spring Break laua with the greatest enemy of America.  The hypocrites probably had roasted pig-apple orgies followed by unimaginable sessions of pelvic grining fornications where bellydancer after bellydancer wiggled upon them, until both men were spent and just gave each other a Muslim Bros thumbs up.  Obama is playing Mario to Osama’s Luigi here and that’s always been the case, until our military made sure Mr. Luigi up above had no more secret life mushrooms under his turbin.

    That is to say, we ripped the life straight of Osama and Obama is so mad about it, that he refuses to show the pictures.  To Obama, the Death Photos of Osama are the death photos of his dear brother.Main Image

    Here is yet another photo.  Rest assured that if Obama had it his way, he’d betray everyone and be no better than a King George loyalist.  He wishes before him stood a ragtag group of vintage 1776 farmers, so that his Muslim armies could have a shot at starting a new Moor invasion, right in the heart of Democracy and Freedom.  How painful it must be to Obama, to be living a plot straight out of the movie 24.

    Main Image

    If only Jack Bauer did not have a drinking problem and our good friend Rupert Murdoch’s Fox production was the light of reality for all mankind, the scene above would give way to an injured Jack Bauer swinging in from the rafters.

    Shocked and confused, the military would spring to life, wielding akito and switchblades to stop Jack from going rogue and attacking the leader.  But Jack, he’s in a league of his own.  With one shoulder ripped from socket and being pinned down by 20 military rogues, Jack would emerge from the crowd.  He’d hit a button on his communicator and on Obama’s teleprompter, would flash the following picture from Chloe.

    Obama and Osama.  Sound a lot alike, do they not.  Good Americans must not ignore such things in life.  There is another nervous system, that liberals try to ignore and not tell you about.  Have you heard of having a gut instinct?

    The enteric nervous system is where you can feel it ‘in your guts’, it is the emotions behind faith.  I have faith that Osama and Obama are kindred spirits.  We know Obama is tied in with Saddam Hussein.  Just look at their names:  Obama Hussein, Saddam Hussein, Osama Hussein, Obama bin Laden.  You would not know the different in a Gitmo roll call.  They are all the names of terror.

    Any true American should be truly afraid of these things.  Have you ever associated such names with anything good in our society, or is it always their religion and hate tied into what their name is doing.  We live in a nation where Mosque and State surely cannot co-exist, so why are we letting these people worm their way into our government and our sympathies.

    Pastor Byrd had it right when he commissioned the following sign to warn us to listen to our hearts, to listen to our guts.  Obama is a snake in the grass, my good friends.  His middle name is Hussein, beware!

    He comes like a thief in the night, to strip away the freedoms of our nation.  Our economy is weak.  Our armies, spread thin.  He has now lost a brother and will try to find ways even more dangerous than Obamacare to ensure the lazy, poor people of our country stay health, so they will continue to reproduce, then spit out more Obamacare toking children.  All of their children will be healthy, they will grow up and repeat the process.  Obama is turning us into a third world socialism nanny state, so that we can be weak when his friends the Moors once again try to rise to take over Western civilization.

    Listen to your gut and your heart.  It is nervous because you are scared.  Beware, the Moors are coming and their Black Knight is already making a joust run, right at the heart of our nation.


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