• Did Aqua Teen Hunger Force Change its Name to Avoid God’s Wrath?

    May 14, 2011 10:52 pm 144 comments
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  • In 2001 a small but dedicated group of Christians started a prayer movement to counter and end the greatest threat to our youth since video games. This prayer movement now spans 47 states and has over 250,000 members. These members of the faith dedicate over 20 hours of prayer per week to stopping the filth that the kids call Aqua Teen Hunger Force.


    Aqua Teen Hunger Force or “ATHF” (as the drug users call it) is an animated television show that was created by communist TV mogul Ted Turner to impress his anti-American wife Hanoi Jane . ATHF portrays a Milkshake (aka mister shake), a wad of beef (aka meatball) and an African voodoo cup of potato fries (aka frylord). These teenage illegal aliens pretend to have jobs as private investigators but really sit around and smoke drugs, watch pornography, and steal.

    At the beginning of this year it appeared that victory was at hand. The length of each episode had dropped to ten or eleven minutes. And the amount of episodes made per season had dropped from eighteen to ten. While these victories seemed small, we also made great strides in getting small local community cable providers and even some rural counties themselves to ban this evil show. Even in areas where the show had not been blocked, parents had instituted their own blocks at home. Many advertisers had been contacted by our fellowship and told we would brand their products and services as “terror supporters” if they continued to advertise for the show.  Indeed victory was at hand until Satan unleashed his hidden trickery.

    Look at the poor graphics that appeal to druggies

    This year, in a last ditch effort to subvert our efforts, Cartoon Network changed the name of ATHF to Aqua Unit Patrol Squad 01. The reasoning behind this change is both factual and obvious; they hoped we would not notice.

    Revamped and includes more sex and evil

    AUPS01 as sexual predators

    ATHF is produced by Adult Swim , part of Cartoon Network, a channel which is direct marketed to America’s children. The name Adult Swim portrays images of swingers in a hot tub trading sexual favors and spouses in an orgy of sinful pleasures. The network is headquartered in Georgia, a pro-slavery state of democrats that opposed republican President Lincoln in the civil war.

    Links to terror
    In 2007 the city of Boston was evacuated when guerrilla activists from comedy central placed battery-powered LED placards with an image of a cartoon character from the series throughout the town. After the incident, city and state officials came to an agreement with Turner Broadcasting to pay for costs incurred during the terror attack. As part of a settlement that resolves all criminal and civil claims, Turner Broadcasting Systems and Interference Inc. agreed to pay $2 million dollars; $1 million of this to goes towards the Boston police department, and $1 million towards the United States Department of Homeland Security.


    Since ATHF premiered the U.S. economy has gone into a tailspin unrivaled since the Great Depression.

    Compare that to the year ATHF has been on the air:

    Survey of viewers
    Thanks to a $50,000 grant from the Foundation for a better tomorrow, we interviewed 1000 people who consider themselves loyal ATHF viewers and asked them two questions.


    Marketing strategy
    ATHF is marketed towards children and intellectually-challenged drug using adults. This assault on our youth must end. The show is purposely broadcast on the holy day of Sunday as to keep our youth out of church.

    Obviously marketed to illegals

    Corrupting our Youth

    Parents, remember AUPS01 airs at 11:45Pm on cartoon network. Please make sure you use this information to block your televisions and to write to your local community ethics board.

    Fellowship, adjust your prayers accordingly .


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