• Dossier Gays, The New Homosexual Menace to America (To Wong Foo, Andrej Pejic)

    May 27, 2011 2:38 pm 19 comments
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  • America faces a grievous crisis, as the genetic sciences have now rendered a ‘ fashion Dossier gay’ — that is a gay man who uses androgynous gene cocktail binges to deceive and entice men into gender ignorant flesh orgies — to have the appearances of a woman. This new breed of gay is so crafty and genetically laden with female gene sets implanted by unprecedented novel EcoR1 restrictive enzyme technique, that there is no way to truly tell them apart from the real deal, until it is too late.

    Normal men everywhere, we are in great danger. Not even the female fashion model can be trusted after a night of spritzed drinks and a casual invite up to her apartment. Case in point, Andrej Pejic.

    Shock and terror fill your heart, as you believe you are looking at an unfortunately A-cup cursed blonde, but my friends, that is no woman you feast your shocked eyes upon. Gird thy loins and let your belly wretch, it is a XY male!

    Modern day genetic scientists are a sick breed of people who are trending toward atheism. They are using the ability to do science in ways that make Satan overjoyed so much that his unholy beaker explodes with endothermic excitement and musses his lab coat as he moans in orgasmic releases of scientific sins.

    EcoR1 is a restriction enzyme derivative of Escherichia coli, E. coli, the very bacteria that is found in the lower intestine of many warm-blooded organisms and necessarily on the skin, lower-back, hands, face, tensed abdominal region, suprapubic mount and phallic prominence of every gay man. It is a sick bacteria when in the wrong place and ingested, will leave you diseased and doubled over as punishment for fecal iniquities. This bacterial enzyme splices a gene wide open and then inserts ‘aspects’ of an alluring female: pouted lips, chest prominence, rounded backside and a silent tongue.

    So it is not a shocking surprise that homosexual agenda supporting scientists have taken this bacteria and are using it to now craft deceptive ‘high-end’ homosexuals transients and letting them walk among us. The following images will shock you and your heart will race as you learn about Dossier gays and their endless agenda to infiltrate your mind and body, using whatever deceptive techniques possible to fill you with themselves.

    Major outrage erupted in the fashion industry and beyond, when Dossier Fashion Magazine and Barnes and Nobles released a journal book with shocking image above on the cover. A bare chested woman in eyeshot of children, the travesty. The nerve. Parents reeled and Dossier affiliated scientists cheered. The had our attention. They had managed to make us all think that a man was a woman.

    A gay man had managed to upset us all by appearing like a nude woman on a ‘family friendly’ magazine.

    We were all shocked and to gays, it proves that they can now go out and trick us normal men into a night of drinks and fun, then sodomize us when we least expect it. Even before our drunken stupor, we thought we were just drinking with a pretty lady and not a satan scepter wielding homosexual who plans to sprawl us out on a cold,dingy hotel lobby floor and thrust in us deeper and deeper, squealing as our tight, non-homosexual roofie subdued gluteal muscles grip his turgid writhing body, bringing this female looking male into the highest throes of satisfaction and ecstasy. What a tragic fate for any decent man.

    Under the unction of Jack Gould and Tyson Bowers III, the global Morality Alert watchdog issued a parent alert to various lobbying groups and advertising pressure was placed on stores that sold this magazine issue without a slip cover. And while many retailers and competing magazines have expressed outrage over the cover, Pejic and his supporters joke and try to make little over what is a very terrifying, real situation for us men who do not want to be deceived by guys who look like this.

    Pejic joked in an interview with Daily Mail that he understood why retailers are upset: ‘I have just been named the 98th sexiest woman in the world, so it makes the situation a little bit confusing for them.’

    Already, people are voting for this man as the ‘sexiest woman’ in the world. A person who is with the stuff of man, a being crafted to be the Son of God and a Ruler of Wife, Family and Home is being named the Sexiest Woman on Earth. What cruel days and hours we live in.

    In expected developments, whoresite Jezebel.com and their affiliate Stylesite emailed Pastor Jack and tried to defend Pejic from our Moral Alert sanction:

    Jezebel.com: ‘Pejic is a man. And pictures of shirtless men, in Western culture, are not considered “obscene”. So why is Pejic’s cover getting the same treatment as a porno mag?

    ‘What message are the big bookstore chains sending — that the male torso is only appropriate all-ages viewing when the man in question is ripped?’

    Styleite added: ‘Need we remind you that a crazily buff (and pretty much shirtless) Aaron Schock graces the cover of June’s Men Health? If Andrej were muscled instead of waif-like, would this be an issue?

    ‘More importantly, if Andrej had a more masculine face, would this be an issue?’

    The answers to these questions are very simple. Pejic is a man who looks like a woman. One of the greatest dangers to a proper man, especially our young, naive men in college, are homosexuals on the prowl. In Men, Beware! the looming threat of homosexual prowlers is fully exposed when Dan Nordgen recants the tragic story where a mall gay accosted him in a bathroom. But how can we fight an invisible enemy?

    Over a decade ago, our sweet Christian leader President George W. Bush had to declare war on an invisible enemy. Terrorists. Just like a Vietnam Charlie and a Dossier Gay, terrorists can slip in and out of costume, tricking us with the appearances of normalcy and friendship one moment, then stabbing us in the back with a warm prod the next.

    And when all is said and done, that is the goal of the Gay Agenda. Sure, Pejic may be an innocent in all of this. Just another model who looks different, but to the gay agenda, it is a victory for them. In their minds, they can now put one of their own on the cover of a magazine and make us all think it is a woman, when in reality, it is a man in disguise. They are going to have many ‘gotcha’ moments when fathers find out their secret wonk time material was actually a man. They will confuse teenagers when they unleash white short Megan Fox archetype eye-candy actresses, then only reveal they were ‘really a dude’ casually on Letterman and Jay Leno.

    The confusion will lead them down the path of homosexual thought experiments and dreams by night. Masculinity will be askew and our nation’s men will become at least sympathetic to the gay movement. This is a grave danger to society.

    The femme fatale that is not a femme at all. A male in disguise. That is the danger today, America. We live in a society where it is becoming impossible to tell a woman apart from a man. While Steven Tyler sang about this development in the 80s, today by the power of science and industrial fashion moguls, it is the cold, stark reality of our lives.

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