• Drunk Women Gets Stucked in the Ocean

    May 12, 2011 7:48 pm 17 comments
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  • A few years ago, I shaired a video of how a dumb women got stucked in her car.  We all had our funny bone tickled and it was all in good fun, because God put women here for our entertainment.

    Without women, the Earth would be boring.  We would drive around and work hard all day and everything would be in perfect order, no humor and very streamlined.  But women are fickle and bring chaos.  That is why Adam asked God to make him some help meat.  He needed some flesh and blood to help him have humor and when he had the urge, to relieve his manly tension into the fertile place of his wife.  And it is a woman’s duty to submit to a husband when he says so.

    But that is not the point today!  Today it is about enjoying a women who can’t get out of the ocean.  The exit sign is the beach Shamoo!


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