• Fallen Navy Seal Honored With Warship That Bears His Name

    May 5, 2011 4:56 pm Comments Off on Fallen Navy Seal Honored With Warship That Bears His Name
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    Chuck Reagan


    You are looking on the face of a hero.  A man who sacrificed his life for his brothers.

    This man is Navy SEAL Lt. Michael P. Murphy.  His name will live on even though in a final act of valor and courage, he is fallen in battle.

    A breathtaking firefight broke out on a mountaintop in Afghanistan, were Murphy and his team were grossly outnumbered by the enemy.  As it become obvious that his entire team would die, the instinct of heroism and unparalleled bravery erupted in this man’s body.  Without hesitation, Murphy walked into an open clearing and as bullets whizzed by him, enemies desperate to rip his life away, Murphy made a call on his satellite phone.  Murphy stayed in place, putting himself in danger of fire so that his phone could get reception.  Not once did he waiver and he completed his call for reinforcements, even as a bullet sat lodged in his body.

    Before he ended his call, he did the receiving end “Thank you.”  After the call, wounded with a bullet, Murphy looked up at his enemy and continued to fight on, refusing to give up in the battle.  Murphy lost his life in action and has now been awarded the Medal of Honor.

    In his memory, a new destroyer ship being forged at Bath Iron Works will proudly carry our troops and its name will honor Lt. Michael P. Murphy, the SEAL who is a true inspiration to us all.

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