• Gay Agenda Liberals Promoting Edible Arrangements Panties for Mother’s Day

    May 8, 2011 11:27 am 9 comments
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  • The golden key point of the Gay Agenda is pretty clear.  Make Gays Seem Normal.

    Gays want everyone to treat them as normal, as if it is a part of nature for a man to lick the clammy coyster of a man at the urinal, then have happy poppy time and everyone else, even little Johnny, who walks in there will all join in and have a grand orgy of a twiddle rompus!  This is every gay’s greatest fantasy and they really want us to think such things are normal.

    What is so bad about this is that gays are very crafty, creative and carnal.  The three Cs of danger gays combine to give society a few other c’s.  Concern over Children.  Concern over Country.  and Concern over Convention.  Of these three grave concerns, the last one is the focal point of the gay agenda today.

    Mothers day is a day that makes lesbians jealous.  If a lesbian gaps her legs and lets her partner clamdabble in between, no matter how much these two lint lickers claim they love each other, a baby will not appear.  This is because God forbids a man from docking a man, or a woman sloshing a woman, to produce a baby.

    So lesbians are jealous and their bffs homos take pity.  So they are trying to find new ways to make Mother’s Day corrupt.  Gays know everyone but those test tube alien children have a proper mother.  Everyone basically has a soul and it is incubated for nine months in the mother’s womb.

    Now, knowing this, gays are marketing a new strategy to corrupt the day and make themselves seem normal.  Behind your backs, there is marketing going on for a new product called Homowear.  They are edible underwear that gays use in their sex acts, so their same parts don’t stink so bad.  They try to cover their fecal clam sins with the fruits of Earth and are now encouraging children to buy edible underwear arrangements for Mother’s Day.  Here is a diagram rendition of how the process works in the homofactories of America.

    STEP 1:  Homosexual Factories in Hollywood Create “FETISH” Homosexual Undewear Arrangements for Mother’s Day

    Churning out gayness, the factories then ship their product.

    STEP 2:  Market the Homowear right before Mother’s Day, at Unbeatable Yellow Faced Prices

    Gays understand that tween children will use their scrap money to buy mom a novelty gift from Wal-Mart.  In the underwear aisle there, you will see ‘edible Mother’s Day underwear’ arrangements by fruits.  While kids will think this is just a fun gift for momma, it will create waves of confusion in the family.  Is little Johnny Gay?  Does he want to twaddle tizzer everything in his sights, even mommy?  It is sick and that’s exactly the plot of the gays.

    They think that if we think boys are now buying sex object underwear for their mothers, it’s not so bad for a man to stick his diseased phallus into his cocaine covered boyfriend.  See their agenda now?  Here is step 3.

    STEP 3:  Sons Across America Present Their Confused Mothers With Edible Rex Homowear

    At this point, chaos his entered the family home.  Mother’s day is ruined and father has to fear what sort of banana shaped surprise will await him on his special day.  The gays are victorious.

    Look at that jubilant celebration.  They will go home and have a round of anal jousting with each other.

    Now there are liberals out there who say this is all a ploy of the conservative right to create more troubles for the gay.  Do you yahoos I say look at the hard evidence.

    That is just one of the flavors of family destruction.   They are selling this very same one at Walmart and you can see it also says “Dessous Mangeables”  This means it is also from little Mexican Tijuana taintjostlers and they are combinging “Jesus” and “Dios” to form Dessous (Of God) and Mangeables (Approves, Manages).  They are trying to say God approves of young boys buying strawberry chocolate undies for mommy dearest.

    The other flavors they have are:

    Banana Secretions

    Strawberry Chocolate of God

    Peppermint Pickups

    It is all drug references and gay sex acts thrown into those names.  What sort of sick people market this stuff is beyond me, but more proof of how gays are slowly trying to crumble down our society.  Beware and if your son buys this for mom today, just burn the gift in a fire and pretend it did not even happen.

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