• Gays doing their “events” infront of children.

    May 11, 2011 1:48 pm 17 comments
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    While browsing the internet I came uppon a gay webpage. The things I saw in the website shocked me.

    As you can see, in the picture above the homosexual is probably holding his “member”and jerking off infront of the kids. You can also see the homosexual squirting devil DNA. Look at his happy face.

    The website contained some “interesting” stuff. Let me get this shit straight.

    This website contained “Ice cream”,”Special events”, “Playing games”, “Filming” and a “Photo gallery”.

    Special events- Fisting contests, fingering contests, wild orgy’s, putting screwdrivers into penis hole events, putting jars into anus events, massive gay parades etc.

    Ice cream – Licking anus.

    Playing games – Gay games which contain – Drilling of anus,penis hole and ofcourse fingering and fisting.

    Photo gallery- Photos of the orgy’s and “special events”.

    Filming- Filming of orgy’s and sperm baths.

    The point in this is that the ” Photo gallery” contained pictures of gays and children (like in the picture above.)

    I hope your children don’t come upon into “wild parties” like these.

    I want to hear your opinions.

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