• Godly Sexual Discipline in the Christian Home

    May 23, 2011 9:12 pm 172 comments
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    Naturally, the goal of a God-centered family is a personal relationship with our savior, Jesus Christ, through prayer, obedience, and submission. But “the spirit is willing,” and “the flesh is weak.” Fortunately, God has given us a myraid of inventions to establish and enforce His Discipline within the Godly Christian Home. That is what I wish to discuss today: appliances.

    This where I need to mention how the Godless Homosexuals and their Devil-Worshipping Allies have corrupted the very mention and meaning of discipline. Because we God-Fearing Christians have been shoved into the closet when it comes to Godly Discipline, I have been forced to turn to “sex stores” for these appliances.

    But take heart, Christians, for we can outfox the Dark One and his Liberal servants! Until the day when Godly Men can “come out of the closet,” we can simply overlook the source of the appliances, knowing that wherever they come from the Holy Purposes are fulfilled. It is a terrible compromise forced upon us by the Devil, but we shall prevail until that Rapturous Day when the truth shall be revealed!

    The Call to Male Chastity

    God has cursed humanity with evil sex. It is a test of our faith and devotion: Virile Normal Men must release their procreative fluid into a Godly woman’s vagina (in a dark room, with her face turned away, her eyes closed, and thinking of Christ) to create children. But before then, and when enough offspring have been created, prayer, submission, and discipline are required to avoid unnecessary Sexual Emissions!

    The Virile Normal Male must be the prime target of such efforts. We know that the Normal Woman abhors sex, and needs few reminders. But the Virile Normal Male, once having ejected his seed, even by his own disgusting hand, is highly prone to become addicted, and to make further ejections, even when not needed for procreation. That is where prayer, vigilance, and Appliances come in!

    An excellent place to start is with the CB 6000 male chastity device. Made of plastic created from the same petroleum that provides us with fuel, Vaseline, and plastic wrap, the CB 6000 prevents a male from even becoming erect. When fitted with inward-facing “Points of Intrigue,” it makes erections painful, as they should be, while still permitting the passage of urine.

    Praise Jesus for the CB 6000! It is truly part of God’s Ingenious Plan, and is a must for the Christian Home!

    Benefits and Challenges

    The benefits of this device are many. By preventing masturbation and other unnecessary handling of the member, it shields from temptation. As the period without emissions lengthens, the wearer learns to avoid Evil Sexual Thoughts, channeling them instead into prayer and enthusiastic effort in work and other daily chores. The devilish cynicism and false sophistication of the modern male yields to a boyish compliance with God’s Plan, and the loving instructions of parents and employers alike.

    It is not always easy to persuade a Normal Virile Male to wear the CB 6000. Modern, devil-worshipping Liberals have convinced too many men that sex is good and right, and a necessary component of manhood. Much prayer and persuasion is often necessary before a male will wear the device even once, let alone permit it to be locked, with an elder male holding the key.

    Further complicating the matter is that, for the CB 6000 (or other male chastity devices) to be worn comfortably, the pubic area must be completely shaved. This is something that many Normal Virile Males find humiliating. And the device often chafes the skin, requiring the generous (but not Liberal!) application of Vaseline and baby powder to prevent injury.

    Tom and His Godly Friend Jim, “Keeper of the Keys”

    A good time to consider the CB 6000 (or a different brand – Tom loves his CB 6000, but I say, “whatever works!”) is at the first sign of nocturnal emissions or masturbation, or if you should happen to notice that he is having spontaneous erections. The device must never be introduced by a woman, because the sight and (far worse) the handling of male private parts by a female, might corrupt even the most Godly among them.

    Only males should be permitted to fit other males with these devices – in private, best after long prayer to Jesus Christ, our Personal Savior. This is how my husband, Tom, a Normal Virile Male, introduced the CB 6000 to our son, Randy, who at the age of 17 was rapidly developing his own Virility, and was in fact approaching the very brink of Satanic destruction.

    Tom was familiar with male chastity devices. He had worn one since he was 16, having been introduced to it by his lifelong best friend, Jim, when they were high school athletes. Tom was a Football Star, and Jim was a Youth Rodeo Cowboy, when Jim took a brotherly interest in Tom’s chastity. Except for the few occasions when Tom’s emissions were grimly necessary for the production of children, he has worn a chastity device.

    Jim holds the key to Tom’s device, and removes it four times a year on private hunting trips. After much prayer, Tom is permitted an emission under Jim’s brotherly guidance, strictly for his health. In between emissions, when Tom needs a shave or if the device chafes, I take the children to the Olive Garden (a treat that is!), while Jim shaves Tom’s hard to reach spots and applies Vaseline and baby powder.

    Our Randy, Chaste and Happy

    This is what Tom and Jim together have done with Randy. Because Randy is younger, he is occasionally permitted an “extra” emission, as a reward for his prayer and Godly submission to parental authority. I have wondered whether it’s necessary, but both Tom and Jim have assured me that, for youngsters like Randy, it’s something Jesus would approve of. Because they are such Godly men, I completely trust their judgment.

    As for Randy, we have our eager-beaver boy back! He is truly a happy servant not just to God, but especially to Tom and his friend Jim. He looks forward to their hunting trips, where the three can pray together and renew Tom and Randy’s commitment to chastity.

    Jim has progressed beyond a need for a male chastity device, having developed his own internal Godly discipline. But he says, and both Tom and Randy agree, that it’s a rare man who can do this. Jim holds both Tom and Randy’s chastity keys, and everyone expects this to be the case for a long time.

    Praise Jesus!

    Yours in Christ,

    Lurleen Mae Jones
    Murfeesboro, Tennessee

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