• Homosexuals in the middle ages – Alexander The Great.

    May 13, 2011 3:05 pm 33 comments
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    We all heard about history. We have been taught a lot of things about the middle ages. What we don’t know is the secret truth.

    I have done some research about “gay” and “middle ages”. I have found by research that most of the legends from the middle ages we’re satanists which performed sick, sick ways of pleasure.

    I decided to make different articles about different gay stars in the past.

    Today, we will start with “Alexander the great”

    I found some info about his so called “sexual life”.

    Alexander was inloved with a hardcore homophile. Here is a quote from the documents which will prove further satanism-

    “At the age of thirteen Alexander was still Hephaestion’s lover although most young Greeks would have grown out of the fashion by then and an older man would have given up or turned to a younger attraction. Their affair was a strong one. In other words, Alexander “the great” was Hephaestion’s sexual slave.”

    “A more immediate project was the marriage of Alexander and Hephaestion, his closest friend and lover, to two of the daughters of Darius [the recently conquered Persian emperor], while another 80 Macedonian officers married sons of Persian nobles.”

    “The question of Alexander’s sexuality–his predominant sexual orientation–has enlivened,or bedevilled, much Alexander scholarship. That he loved at least two men there can be little doubt. The first was the Macedonian noble Hephaestion, a friend from boyhood, They we’re the people which got homosexuallity started in Greece.”

    “The other non-female beloved of Alexander’s was named Bagoas. He was not just a ‘barbarian’, but a sperm thirsty transsexual.”

    “The great Alexander was sworn to kill straight people.”

    Apparently, Alexander the great was a player. He made underground arenas which would feature orgy’s. The arena was also know as “The gang bang bay”.

    Alexander was also a drug addict. There is prove in writen documents saying that his favorite activities are breathing glue, ecstasy abuse, alcohol abuse and LSD abuse.

    As you can see in the picture above, there are transsexual faggots which are dressed into women clothes. These pathetic people were Alexander’s employees.
    Yes, Alexander the great started prostitution in Greece and in other countries as well.

    Okay, so Alexander,this gay fag killed cities, killed straight people, and sold people into gay slavary.

    What do you think about this monster?

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