• House Leader Eric Cantor REFUSES To Give Emergency Money to Joplin Missouri Tornado Victims, FIRE HIM!

    May 24, 2011 10:41 pm 24 comments
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  • Eric Cantor
    This Bozo refuses to give OUR tax money to Joplin, Missouri tornado victims until Democrats agree cut the national budet on randow politicked issues. Is this a good man who cares about his country, or an extorting terrorist who needs to be fired?

    What the hell, Eric Cantor? Your soul will rot in hell with every other member of Congress who refuses to give federal relief money immediately to the Joplin, Tornado victims.

    Already, 116 Americans are dead in Joplin, due to a massive F4 tornado that wiped out 3/4 of the city.

    The St. John’s regional medical center in the city is destroyed, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor. Two nurses were injured as they running upstairs to the ICU unit of the hospital, Eric, and guess what?

    They were doing their duty, as medical professionals, to reach the floor and bring their most critical patients to safety.

    One person reports that as the two nurses were running in a hallway, the tornado hit 15 minutes before expected. The hospital was hit by the tornado, you greedy, politicizing asshole. These two nurses and every other person surviving and life-saving in Joplin right now have more compassion and heroism in the quick of their pinky than you will have in a lifetime.

    This is not a political assessment.  Often times I gear Republican because I am a fiscal conservative.  I believe in a balanced budget and that Democrats should cut back on spending.  But guess what?  Only an ass of a man would truly, seriously have the chutzpah to dare deny these people the economic support of America.

    Get ready for your eyes to feat upon the most audacious, ludicrous and infuriating BS to came splashing out of the bowels of DC in a fortnight.

    On Monday, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor said that Congress would not approve funds for disaster relief without budget cuts elsewhere. “If there is support for a supplemental, it would be accompanied by support for having pay-fors to that supplemental,” he said.

    Read the link in the included text.  It details Cantor’s belief that it’s okay to Lord over Kansas, Missouri and now Oklahoma, where 7 people were just killed in the most recent tornado with 200 mile per hour winds.  The skies must be clear over Virginia, because Eric Cantor’s black soul is pretty clear to me up here in New York.  Look towards Virginia, America, because there is a giant bastard you will see in a blue blazer and red tie, seeking reelection sometime soon.

    When this man seeks office again, let’s make sure to remember this is what he does not care about.

    In this image, a Lifeflight helicopter is seen mangled in front of St. John’s regional hospital.  So far, the hospital has confirmed that at least one visitor and five patients died in the tornado.  No word yet on how many staff lost their lives and how many other patients may have been found in the hospital’s remains.  The brave staff of this hospital evacuated all possible, triaged the patients in parking lots and in the midst of tragedy and impending bad weather, continued to diligently work and get their patients shipped to new health facilities in the area.  This is the act of true Americans.

    Cantor, in his posh office, does not think much of these things if he dares mention ‘budget’ when this reality is happening right now.  We instantly give money and all the help we can to such tragedy, and worry about cutting the salary of our overpaid Congress later.  That’s what should happen, by the way, you pretentious little bitch in a suit.  I said it.  When I get pissed, I curse a bit.  You know who else curses?  God, when he smites people who are greedy and use the suffering of others to gain political leverage, Cantor.  That hell you believe in?  That little place where Satan lives.

    You have a nice room waiting for you, buddy.

    This is a rescue worker and his dog looking at the remains of Joplin High School.

    The image that was here previously had a dead body in the field of rubble, so was removed in respect to the victim’s friends and family who may have recognized the car that crushed him or her.  Here is another shot of that scene, with the car obscured and the rescue workers who found the victim looking at the tragedy.

    Looking at these images, we can see there is no matter of waiting.  These people cannot just take the time to wait for you to argue for your selfish gains, Eric Cantor.

    Get out of our government.  Shame on anyone who votes for this man ever again and I will do my best to make sure his actions today haunt him for the rest of his political career.  Please, do the same.  We need to yoke people with the burden of their evil time and time again, until it drags them so deep in the muck that their political careers are ruined and they will be forever seen as guilty in the court of public opinion, which is career death for any politician.

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