• If You Cheat On Your Wife a Decade Ago, Should It Still Really Count? (Arnold Schwarzenegger Talks Adultery in LA Times, Slate, New York Post)

    May 17, 2011 12:05 pm 109 comments
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    Arnold Schwarzenegger is having his name nastily dragged through the mud today, all after admitting that well over a decade ago he fathered a child with one of his young household maids. Slate, New York Post and LA Times are assaulting the character of the former governor in this situation and there is no end to their aggression in sight.

    Schwarzenegger’s heartfelt confession comes only days after Maria Shriver, the woman of Kennedy blood, announced that she would be splitting with the adored former California governor and bodyman.

    It is not easy to be a man in marriage.  The stress of worrying about a monthly mortgage and paying for your son’s expenses in college is taxing; then adding to that a tough day of overseeing subordinates in the office and at home can leave the loins to lust for a time when stressors were not piled so high.

    For a man, there is a time clock ticking.  One that threatens to explode in myocardial infarction or a stroke.  Men live, on average, ten years less then women and it is due to pint up stress that is best released with an explosion of endorphins.  At times, the housemaid or inconsequential secretary may serve that purpose and the question today is, if a man is trying to prolong his life by natural desire, can he really be faulted for that?

    If a man was overcome with an urge for release and only the Spanish speaking housekeeper was available, was a small coital message really that big of an issue?  There is no real connection, only a need for a man to release his quick desire and that is exactly what happened to Governor Schwarzenegger.

    At this point some lippy feminists will chime in, rallying against Governor Schwarzenegger and being with a spirit of nagging aggression, will naturally not want to forgive something that happened a decade ago. Well how about this?

    How many knuckle dragging lesbians have John F. Kennedy to think for their Civil Rights? We don’t continue to dwell on JFK’s raunchy behavior and Hillary Clinton quickly moved on beyond Bill’s plus sized error. John Edwards cheated on his wife when she was literally two breaths away from losing his battle with breast cancer. Yet, the liberal left rallied to support these people.

    So now when a man of proven morality and fervent leadership skills tells of a situation that happened before terrorists thrust this nation into the loss of innocence on 9/11, we instantly bring our pitchforks? This is all a double standard.

    Now if the situation had been reversed, and Shriver confessed that she allowed a man to penetrate and dominate her as she writhed under his hard steel shaft behind the back of her husband, Schwarzenegger would reserve the right to swiftly rebuke her with a gentle beating and to bring her acts to public shame. We would brand her a Harlot and demonize her properly, because that is a different beast.

    But what Schwarzenegger did is a part of life, a part of being a man. From the male end, there is no being dominated and no succumbing. It is about a simple release and there is no passion: it is a mechanical function and the woman who trapped the Governor into having a child with her should be shamed. It was all a ploy for his fortunes.

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