• Impeach Eric Cantor, The Man Who Thinks Joplin Tornado Victims Should Get No Emergency Money witout Politicking

    May 29, 2011 9:58 am 13 comments
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  • Politicking. It is the act of turning a random situation into grounds for political gain. Eric Cantor, a Republican, is the guiltiest politicker in the history of mankind and we need to do something about it.

    First and foremost, our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Joplin, Missouri. There is no amount of words that can describe the shock and horror the community must be filling, but there is a world of thanks for those who have reached out and helped the community in their time of need. To the people there, especially the brave doctors, nurses and volunteers who braved the tornado and following storms to ensure the quality of life of those injured and hurt by the storm, you are heroes.

    But a man who is not heroic is Eric Cantor. After the tornado, Cantor, who is the House Majority Leader, dared state that the people of Joplin, Missouri, would not get any emergency relief funds unless Democrats would cut the budget elsewhere.

    Let’s look at this again. Eric Cantor, a purportedly smug, black soul who lives in a posh residence of Virginia, told America that OUR tax money would not be going to give emergency relief in Joplin unless his political ‘enemies’, the Democrats, would finally sign off on cuts he wants to make to the federal budget. In a time of crisis, this man is saying, ‘Screw the people in Missouri, there’s political games to be had!’

    And to that, we must say “Screw you, right out of office”. Screw is the subjective word there, feel free to use whatever word you think best fits.

    Forbes.com caught wind of our colleagues Jerry Cohen’s first report on this and have offered support:

    From Forbes.com
    Deadly Tornados Reveal The Failure Of Today’s Perverse GOP Ideology

    House Majority Leader Eric Cantor has made it clear that he has no intention of coming to the aid of Joplin, Missouri – the town ravaged by a tornado that has taken the lives of more than 100 people with hundreds more still unaccounted for and thousands displaced as a result of their homes and businesses being destroyed – unless and until budget offsets can be found to pay for any federal aid to help these Missourians in need.

    What a cold, heartless man.

    Do the people in this store not face a tragedy that might require some immediate help?


    So how many towns have to be hit before we get any federal money, Cantor? Does it have to ransack my town full of millionaire Republicans? Or maybe one needs to swirl through Virginia and rip apart the lives and order of your neighbors? Which one of our cities will be hit next?

    In the last few days, over 81 tornadoes have ripped through the Midwest. We’re not even through the first part of tornado season and the leader of the House of Representatives, a cold-hearted bastard without logic, would happily sign off on a trillion dollar proposal to bomb the ever loving crap out of a random Middle Eastern town without weapons of mass destruction, but dares to cry budget when we have Americans in their hour of need?

    Our taxes are to go to help this great nation. They go right back to us and in this case, right to Joplin, Missouri. It is the duty of Americans to help this community rebuild. America serves America first, you Republican jackass. Who would have thought that the offspring between a Republican and Democrat symbol, a crap bottomed elephant and a jackass, would be the face of Eric Cantor.


    Why? Because this is the biggest, most heaping pile of crap I and and I’m hoping the American people have heard from DC in over a week. If you really want to play politics with this situation, let’s play politics. I propose that whoever says Joplin, Missouri tornado victims should not have federal relief money no matter what gets impeached from office. Why?

    It is a treason against decency. It is a betrayal of the American people. To anyone who dares stiffarm those who are running in and trying to help in any organized way possible, you deserve to be kicked out of this nation.

    Cantor, you cannot deny these people their money behind closed doors. Let’s make this news public and continue to rally support. Answer to the American people. Do you really have the cajones to stand before us all and say you will not give money to Joplin?

    Can you stand in front of the orphans and widows, people who now must live with a memory of what normalcy means, and tell them that their American government with presidents who can take million dollar trips to London, Senators and House leaders with six figure salaries and three day work weeks in posh offices and their government who spends trillions in aiding other countries, now is going to cry foul when one small, good, hard-working Midwest city gets wiped out by a tornado needs help.

    Curse you, Cantor and anyone else who would sign off on such things and dare tell these people ‘No help.’ Osama bin Laden’s cold, dead terrorist heart is filled with more compassion than anyone who could dare turn their backs and not help people, our American people, when they are faced with this:

    Will Norton, the 18-year-old Joplin high school graduate. He had just walked the stage for his diploma and was heading home with his father in a moment of pride when the tornado struck, barreling down on the two as the day turned from triumph to tragedy.

    Will Norton’s family is now faced with heartbreak, as the 18-year-old was sucked out of his family car’s sunroof. Eric Cantor, stand before this family and tell them their government is turning its back and not giving their community what they deserve and need:

    NY Daily Reports to CW
    A Joplin family is pleading for help in finding a new high school grad who they say was sucked out of his car by the deadly weekend twister that killed 118 people.

    Will Norton was on his way home with his father after getting his diploma from Joplin High School when the tornado struck the Missouri city, his family told CBS News Tuesday.

    The 18-year-old and his dad, Mark, were racing to get home as the twister barreled down on them, Will Norton’s sister Sara said on the “Early Show.”

    “We left about five minutes before them,” she said. “We barely made it in the garage.


    Mark called his daughter while they were on the road, and was on the phone with her when they were caught up in the twister.

    “He was telling my brother, ‘Pull over, pull over,’ ” Sara said. “I heard the tornado whipping them around. I had a feeling they were flipping around in the air. It was just really scary.”

    The Hummer H3 was crushed by the tornado when family members reached it, just a short distance from their house.

    “They had to cut Mark out of it,” said Tracey Presslor, Will Norton’s aunt.

    Will was nowhere to be found.

    Sara said her father, who suffered several broken bones and a head injury, told them he fought to save the teen.

    “He said he had his arms around Will when they started flipping, and Will’s seat belt snapped and he flew through the sunroof,” she said.

    The family has set up a Facebook page, Help Find Will Norton, along with a phone number – (757) 751-9455 – in hopes of getting more information.

    Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/2011/05/24/2011-05-24_family_seeks_high_school_grad_will_norton_sucked_out_of_cars_sunroof_during_jopl.html#ixzz1NkiOieQW

    139 people are now listed as dead in Joplin. The death toll from this tornado, Representative Penny Pincher only when Americans actually need their tax money put to good use, is 139 dead. A city destroyed. A regional hospital ravaged. And thousands whose lives will forever be changed. And you dare not stand by their side with unconditional support, Cantor?

    Drag the slider right and left to see before and after images of the area around Joplin High School — or what now remains of it — just two days after a deadly tornado leveled neighborhoods in Joplin, Mo., on Sunday.

    See more before-and-after photos of Joplin, as seen from the street.

    Google.com and NPR

    There is no denying that the town is destroyed.

    The images of tragedy go on and on, just like the suffering this community faces unless we step forward, together as a nation, to help them rebuild. The memories of tragedy will never fade, but the acts of love, compassion and unity in events like this will also create memories that will not be forgotten.

    And someway, somehow, in the horror of this crisis these people face, they can also have memories of those who reached out with love and compassion, to help their fellow man. Leading the charge should be our political leaders, but we see that’s not always the case.

    If you feel Eric Cantor is wrong for suggesting there has to be political negotiations and slights of hand over the budget books before we can help Joplin, please simply like this Facebook page. It will hopefully reach great numbers by the next election time, so we can simply ask, “Why would you not immediately help a town full of victims, Cantor?”

    It is a simple question that could be any of us. If your city would have been hit by this tornado, would you want this man in office and deciding if you get help or not? I think not.

    Let’s join together and see why there are politicians who are turning a cold back to the needs of America.

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