• Is being nasty and offensive a sin?

    May 10, 2011 12:57 pm 16 comments
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    So here’s the deal. I am not religious, I have an open mind for any who wish to share their views. I think that Christianity is a fair, loving and peaceful religion. However, this website features articles, by Tyson Bowers III in particular, which are cruel, extremely offensive, and riddled with lies. I myself am a gamer, and very knowledgeable of that world. I am also very good friends with, and related to, homosexual people. I am ALSO not easily offended. However, this man has written ‘articles’ which sickeningly attack people and their ways of life. For example, in an article posted which covers the soon to be released video game; Assassin’s Creed: Revelations, Mr Bowers expresses that the plot makes you the player go around killing political and religious figures. This is true, however the point is to eradicate an evil syndicate of people who strive to do people and the world much harm. Mr Bowers also claims, making reference to a screenshot of the game, that the key character is homosexual, and engages in homosexual activities, such as romantically holding and kissing a man, where infact that was the man who he had just killed because he was a ruthless slaughterer of innocents. In another article, Mr Bowers singles out one individual, Miss Justine (I will not disclose last name), AKA: iJustine, and brutally attacks her. He claims that she is “obsessed with the homogay company Apple”. First of all, homogay isn’t even a word. Secondly, iJustine is not ‘obsessed’ at all, but instead is a fan of Apple. And thirdly, what is wrong with liking something?

    iJustine, Apple, the French video game developer Ubisoft (NOT the Japanese company Capcom), and many others have fallen victim to this cruel abuse. The victims do not diserve to be attacked in this way, I don’t want them to be, and God DEFINITELY doesn’t want them to be, which makes these articles sinful, spiteful, cruel and entirely unnecessary, and I ask that for these reasons you ignore and do not believe these words.

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