• Is Sarah Palin Really the Rightful Current American President? Lesbians Say Yes!

    May 6, 2011 6:32 pm 15 comments
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  • With Barak Hussein Obama only weeks, if not days, from being deported back to Kenya due to the ongoing birth certificate dispute, who does that leave in control of our fine country?

    Here is the list of candidates:

    Joseph Biden
    Joseph Biden was Obamas running mate, and some assume the heir apparent to the presidency. This would be false as the Obama ticket was not legit due to his Kenyan birth.

    John McCain
    John McCain would make a fine president; his clean non-threatening appearance would shine above Obamas dark presidency. However, he has since won re-election to the senate making him not eligible to ascend to the presidency do to separation of powers.

    Sarah Palin
    As the only rightful and constitutional winner election Sarah Palin is by default the rightful current president in America today. Americans should demand her leadership now.


    Most people do not realize how much education she has:
    She attended University of Hawaii at Hilo then switched to Hawaii Pacific University then she switched to community college at North Idaho College. After that she went to the University of Idaho before switching to Matanuska-Susitna College in Alaska. She then returned to the University of Idaho to get her Bachelors in communications.
    That’s five colleges for a total of six since she went to University of Idaho twice.

    She has attended twice as many schools as Obama.
    Its simple math. Post High school schools + degrees+ Emphasis.
    Sarah Palin: 8
    Obama: 6

    Lesbians love Palin!

    As previously discussed, lesbians love palin. These events should excite them like never before.


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