• Is Your Child Using Adderall “College Crack” To Get Through College Finals?

    May 17, 2011 11:06 am 16 comments
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  • Adderall is a new street drug that is being peddled on college campuses nationwide. Like most dirty things that endanger your child, this drug takes origin in Mexico.

    Last year there was a widespread crisis after a new strain of drug named “Magic Mint” made its way to the black market of the US.   This dangerous drug is still being sold in hedge shops along the Californian coast and addicting children with its addictive herb.  The spinoff of this substance is being revealed this college final season and is going by the street name “Speedy SAT”, “Amp Adderall” or “College Crack”, mimicking the pharmaceutical of similar name but lacing it with hardcore amphetamines like magic mint and ice LSD.

    These drugs bring fear to your heart because you have seen the faces of meth.  For children who have used Amp Adderall for extended periods of time, their bodies quickly fall victim to the disastrous effects of the meth component of the deadly inhaled and sometimes smokes substance.

    bp tourneyCreative Commons License photo credit: Mel Sharlene At college campuses nationwide, the usage of prescription of Adderral is prevalent. Half-witted ‘campus doctors’ dole out adderall without good warrant, often incorrectly diagnosing children with ADHD. They will then proceed to give college studnets hundreds of potentially deadly adderall pills, so they can ‘focus’ but in reality, these pill are being sold to drug dealers and malo drug cartels from Mexico.

    A young college boy, ravaged by the ill effects of crytaline meth.  The methyl groups of this drug cause lesions to the face and the rotting of teeth.  This young man was torn apart in only 2.5 years, not even before your child would go from freshman to junior in college.  This man was only taking meth, can you imagine how much a drug as potently dangerous as adderall would do to him?

    Adderall use in college usually starts as a simple conversation.

    “Hey, do you need a little help studying for that Ochem final?”

    “Sure”, your studious child will say to their Teaching Assisstant or roommate.  Little do they know it is not tutoring being offered, but rather, a gateway drug to a lifetime of weight loss issues, multiple psychosis, prostitution, raunchy priapism and explosive heart attacks.  These horrors are the reality of adderall abuse.  Of every child in college, studies show that 78% of kids have used adderall, the second most prevalent college drug after bare cold alcohol.

    Is your child in the number of people addicted to College Crack?  In addition to the health and mental dangers of amped adderall, there is  the risk of the dextramphetamine percolating within the blood, causing a insatiable craving for drugs such as prison smack and blood heroin.

    The only real way to protect your college child from this drug and temptation is to monitor them.  Give them a ‘pop visit’, where you show up to their dorm and randomly inspect their belonging and look them over.  When they naturally cry or complain, tell them to shush their mouth or they will not get any more tuition money for next semester.

    Here are several bullet parenting warning signs for adderall addiction:

    1) Your Child Develops a Sloven, Lazy Look

    A before and after of your child’s countenance will review a great amount of changes over the year.  Their skin will look a bit more weathered, aged than your remember in high school.  You’ll note their taut body and figure will have given way to pudginess, a fate that’s usually impossible in college due to the poor dieting and lack of home cooked meals.

    Adderall causes the body to crave food and addicts of this drug will develop the ‘munchies’, which makes perfect sense as a key ingredient is magic mint.

    You may notice your child opts for nose rings and a smug, geeky look, showing they truly see themselves as part of the drug screamo crowd.  Upon the necks of these children, sometimes even females, a lazy neckbeard will grow.

    These are all warning signs that your child is a Step 2 addict and is 5 steps away from “M” and then even more deadly, prostitution at a 86% incidence rate.

    2)  The Blacklit Bed/Trashcan Test

    A bit of wisdom passed to me is that you can tell your child’s bedtime habits by a upfront and personal review.  While opting for a sniffing test of by pressing one’s nose deeply into your child’s mattress, and then inhaling, can help discern the leftover musk of wild adderall enhanced orgies, sometimes the primal, unbridled senses do not suffice.  Sometimes, science must be employed to capture a collegiate drug addict.

    The image above, taken by Charles Reagan as he inspected his daughter’s room at Cal State Fullerton, gripped us all with fear and panic.  Fearing that his daughter had turned to a lifestyle of seductive t-shirt modeling for cheap thrills and cash, Charles flew to California to see if she had succumbed to a drug habit lifestyle.

    Using the blacklight test, this section of room was revealed to be stained.  Fortunately, this was the roommate’s side and the chastity of Charles’ daughter appeared intact throughout all testing.  This scene shows that many young boys had fulfilled their carnal urge in the corner of this room.

    Employing the same test within a trashcan, dirty clothing items (be sure to check under the bed or closet for item shamefully hoisted there in urgency of your arrival) and the computer chair will be the areas to most likely reveal findings.   Remember, excessive act of M or carnality usually indicates a drug addiction and the most prevalent drug, after alcohol, is adderall.

    3)  Scrapbook/Facebook Picture Raid

    If your child is dressing like predator and simulating anal intercourse with a young sorority girl, it shows that he may be under the influence of dangerous drugs.  Upon the walls, you see the glorification of nerd culture with pulp Star Wars and pinhead imagery.  Under the mask, likely dwells a neckbeard and eyes glossed over in drug-induced perversion.

    The young woman is further tempting the acts of backside aggression by inserting her pointer finger into her mouth and pouting our her rear, gently exposing it and spreading it against the boy’s pant region.  This scene will end in a spilt bottles of snorted drugs and a child laced with crack bloodstreams nine months later.

    The psychotropic family of meth drugs induce hunger in the victims.   You can see slovenness scribbled all over the half shaven beards and nappy afro wigs in this image.  These two college children bask in confusion in a tub of homosexuality, hamburger and greasy wafflechips hiding the shame of a night where they will wake up with a headache hangover and a salty taste in mouth.

    If your child is posting images like this on their Facebook, immediately threaten to withdraw them from school unless they agree to a drug screen and a weekend with a psychiatrist.

    Addiction to sex.  It is not a pretty thing.  Here, a young man has concentrated sexualized homosexuality in an explosive flash from his phallic dock.  For some reason, he has smeared himself in green and is wearing a pink tutu, with a face that is lost in the moment of adderall enhanced ecstasy.  Who was his target?  Was he selling his body for a cheap snort of this dangerous College Crack;  did he allow another man’s phallus, a deranged professor or adderall hording ADHD roommate, to enter within his forbidden crevice and into the tunnel of male shame?

    These are the questions that keep parents awake at night.  The face is sullen with the filth of turning tricks.

    If you find pictures of an old man bending your daughters like Beckham, they are actually and most definitely on drugs or are on the mends and have sold themselves on Craigslist or Facebook for sex.  This old man is using a double-fisted Miyagi technique, with one young woman literally seeping in moistness and assailing his withered thigh with her warm, pulsating lush.  The other girl falls over in a cloudy stupor of hard alcohol and injected adderall in a 5% molar solution of vodka.  The signs are clear from the flush of their faces.

    The fallen one has also opted for a dragon’s tramp stamp, showing she has yielded her backside virginity to a Chinese exchange student, the worst a parent can fear for lack of morals and loyalty to values.  This is a depressing scene in any circle.

    Shwag suede furniture that is thrown together in ragtag manner.  A stout college man being dominated by a skinnier boy with pink punk rocker hair and a gap mini dress.  The raw penetration that occurs here will bring a tear to any proud father, wishing that he could build a time machine to head back 18 years and murder the very sperm that lead to this point in time.

    The child that’s being forced down cannot defend himself.  Has your son ever been caught in such a situation and not remembered.  Marijuana is a mind-altering drug, one that has been responsible for many teenage pregnancies and college drop outs.  The problem with ‘marijuana blackout’ is complicated by its illicit mixing into “Magic Mint”, which is then upmixed into the powders that constitute Speedy Sat, or Amped Adderall slang.

    There are the faces of adderall addiction.  Your child will rally and cry, saying the drug does not exist in their lives and they are clean.  Look them up and down and look close.  The pressure of college finals can lead the most moral of student to ‘experiment’ a bit.  And all it takes is one hit of the dangerous pill, in any of its form, to lead to a night of molestation and a future of HIV drug cocktails and street corner prostitution, which will lead to further disease and finally a shameful death.

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