• Jackson Galaxy Invites Cat’s Attention Away from Peeing in Owner’s Mouth

    May 21, 2011 6:01 pm 8 comments
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    Caterpillas, CA – May 21, 2011 Jackson Galaxy is a feline behaviorist and human-feline sociologist. As the breakout star of Animal Planet’s “My Cat From Hell”, Galaxy addresses common issues for “cat guardians” in a seemingly family friendly format each Saturday (9:00pm Eastern and Pacific times; 8:00pm Central time).

    The program format is similar to the Dog Whisperer with more tattoos, a guitar case of catnip and free of dog yappering. Jackson is a gentle soul that many will recognize as a Lego people model for the Tats-N-More playset boycotted by the Chris†Wire fellowship last Christmas.

    Hauntingly familiar

    My grandchildren were very excited to learn that an upcoming episode will feature Jackson’s solution to what Cat Fanciest magazine reports is the number one problem of cat ownership – inappropriate urination in a sleeping owner’s mouth. This gave me pause for concern.

    While I don’t think we have this issue in our home, I was curious to test the truthiness of the number one feline-human cohabitation issue so I conducted a little survey amongst the cat owners, I mean guardians, in my Bible study group. The results were shocking.

    The number one problem is not inappropriate urination in a sleeping owner’s mouth; it is sex outside of Christian marriage, followed closely by cheating at cards and refusal to pray.

    Problems start with Pee

    I called our local shelter soon after compiling this information. The person I talked to was very rude when asked about the proclivity of cats to have sexual congress outside of marriage. She said I should get the cat tutored! These liberals think that education is the answer to everything. If the cat learns to read, the problem with internet porn and gambling then become a greater issue!

    I feel very fortunate to have my Bible versed terrier, Targas, to keep watch over our cat and provide a strong Christian example. While the cat will not wear the “Jesus is Sausage Backwards” T-shirt, or any clothing for that matter, he will sit quietly during treat time and at least pretend to pray. I’ve only seen one play session become homosexually charged. After prayer, counseling and a signed no humping agreement we should not see this again.

    My Cat From Hell” is just beginning and really seems to be focusing on liberal issues in this season. Many would like to see a cat wedding and a strong conservative message for family values before committing to a condemn or praise click for this television program.

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