• Janet Jackson Nipple Slip Still Haunts bin Laden Death Photo Seeking Nation

    May 5, 2011 3:53 pm 63 comments
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  • 7 years ago the sensibilities of America were assaulted by a brash display a flesh.  Janet Jackson, a performing sibling of the famed Jackson Five Family, took to stage with a young pop singer known as Justin Timberlake.  Unknown to all families watching the Superbowl, a terrible sight would meet their eyes.  The image of this moment surely pulls an emotional scar off the wounded innonence of many families, nationwide.

    Yet, this is the face of the modern media.  Brash.  Raunchy.  Raw.

    This is what the liberal left has forced upon our society.  What parents out there have heard of the television show Glee?

    Glee, it is may as well be called “Pornotunes”.  It is a show about homosexual advances in steamy high school locker rooms, where groups of cherub faced boys with plumb backsides and plushy cheeks can perform spontaneous musical numbers that last painfully long and cut into the show’s plot.  The show has nothing to do with happiness or glee, but everything to do with the homosexual agenda.  Every week, the producers allow a celebirty to come on the show and sing love ballads as they perform acts of underaged mouth to south skinamax.  Take a look at these episodes, parents.  This is what the Obama administration is allowing your children to watch in your home, on your TV.

    Glee Episode – The Fab 14

    For every one homosexual, four children will be back bothered.  This shocking statistic rings home to concerned parents and it brings twice the surprise that Glee would make light of the subject by creating their controversial episode, The Fab 14.

    Every person in this episode was 14 or below.  Yes, the raunchiness of the show did not subside.   In painstaking musical numbers that gave rise to songs such as Rachel Black’s prepubscent anthem Friday, in which the teen asks the crucial questions, “Which seat can I take?” in the penultimate moment of the song, the episode was filled with awkward first-time-at-formal dancing, perspiring arms and the musty, sloppy sweat slosh that proceeds the first kiss.   The difference, everyone was half naked and splitting apart their legs to increase ratings.   Here is what Obama thinks 14-year-olds can dress like on television.

    Glee Episode – The Mariachi Minstrel

    Not to focus too much on boys and girls in gender appropriate, but age inappropriate attire, Glee has shifted focus to a more mainstream homosexual agenda in recent years.  The fresh summer tans of boys legs must be a very steamed collar thought for producers, such that they drink copious amounts of ice cold lemonade when they see the budding vitality of the young sprouts musculature in their fitted summer attire.

    This lust goes up through the ages and it is the point of their episode, the minstrel mariachi.  The Minstrel Mariachi starred former teen heart throb AC Slater, the young Mexican lad with impossibly firm abs and puckered posture when back erect, so that his gluteal glamour always stood out as he played on the football team at Bayside High.  AC Slater was a dream boy for many young girls, rightfully so.

    Apparently, Slater caught the attention of producers who wanted to fit him into a gothic lolita bondate outfit of black Parisian leathers, a fit so tight that they likely had to lube up his pectorals and glimmering pelvic region, slipping a mess of wet hands all over his body as he grunted and gruffly squeezed his powerful physique into the cute robe that leaves little to the imagination.

    The stockings show that this is a full gender switch and the shame to boys are lost, because Glee makes all of this seem normal with comforting musical numbers using a natural C scale.  It is the scale of no flats or accidents, just nature.  And Glee wants children to think this type of behavior is normal.

    By this point, most of your parents are shocked.  How can Obama and the new-aged liberal FCC fit so much pure incestuous raunchiness into television programming, all behind your back.  Others of you are privvy and know primetime, flesh and blood sitcoms cannot be trusted.  If the plots are bad enough, the endless and pointless music numbers will relent in the background hum of your home to the point that you develop a migraine.

    But did you know Obama’s reign as the nastiest cartoons to man airing?

    This is a scene from the popular television show, South Park.  The woman to the left, with gold earrings, is actually a man named Mr. Garrison.  He had a vaginoplasty and is have a ‘scissoring session’ as the show taught children.  This show airs in elementary schools during lunch time.  Are you wondering why your daughter is coming home with mussed hair and different colored drawers?  It is because of shows like this, that’s encouraging boy students to let their female teachers to have their way with them.

    It is shows like this that are talking girls into kissing girls behind the lockers.  These shows are on every channel and if you do not have ChristWire’s Be Safe Online, Home Edition, you are missing out on a change to filter out these nasty graphics.

    The totality of the message here today is not just to warn you parents about the corruption of society.  The point today is to ask Obama, in a world where Americans are forced to see this type of programming every day, how bad will a little photo of the man who murdered nearly 4,000 Americans.

    America does not negotiate or care for terrorists, so who cares what they say they will do if the pictures are released.  Our allies all but abandoned us.  It is up to Obama to realize that unless we clean up the act on TV, all Americans have the right to see Osama’s death photo.

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