• Jon Stewart Dares Defend Cop Killer DJ Common on Bill O’Reilly

    May 17, 2011 8:12 am 12 comments
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    There is a man named Jon Stewart and he is a danger to America.  How many of you today think it is okay to celebrate a person who kills cops?   How many of you go to the AMC Movie Theater to cheer for the villains and hope that at the end, you’ll lick your salty fingers and cheer as Joker kills Batman?

    The Left-Wing Media is corrupt and they have a bias to allow people of certain genders and ethnicity to get away with what amounts to social crimes against decency.  Last week, Barack Hussein Obama and his wife Michelle Obama invited a man named DJ Common to the White House.

    Common is a thug criminal who believes cop killers like Joane Chesimard and Amani Shakur deserve to be praised and celebrated.  Common said these things at the White House and insulted every American with his words, yet, Obama refused to kick him out or even better deport this man and revoke his US citizenship.

    Fox News has been on the ball, calling for accountability.  We cannot let people who insult America in such ways dwell in our society.  It is wrong to say criminals are innocent, then insult the families of crime victims.

    If Common were to say “Osama bin Laden is a great man.  Let us celebrate his life!”  What would you do?  Would you jump up and down, demanding that this great man who loves Osama bin Laden get invited to the White House?  That is the gravity of the insult Obama inflicted on this nation.

    Common may as well of celebrated Osama bin Laden for murdering Americans, because he is glorifying cop killers and then getting award from President Obama for his deeds.

    Jon Stewart, the liberal newscasters, has been on a campaign to make college students believe Common and Obama were good in this situation.  Jon Stewart is using his forked tongue to spit lies and deceit to the ears of the innocent.  A great  mongoose, known as Bill O’Reilly, has had enough and is playing Riki Tiki Tavi to Jon Stewart’s poisonous cobra attack to all things moral and decent.

    By the end of this ‘debate’, you can see our champion Bill O’Reilly is dumbfounded by Stewart’s ignorance and liberal fogging of the situation.


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