• Justin Bieber, Lesbian Diva. Proof #23

    May 13, 2011 9:09 pm 32 comments
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  • There is concern that Justin Bieber may actually be part of the Homogay Agenda.

    The gays have unleashed a concerted effort to subvert morality in American society. Much like the Jewish people after World War II, the gays are trying to infiltrate the most vital parts of our country: finances, law, medicine and entertainment.

    Look at the roster of any movie: you will be remiss to not find a cluster of Jewish friends. The gays have caught on to this fact and now, they are networking within industry so they can ‘hire their own’ and assure dominance. What better way to sneak their agenda in our homes than by making every other entertainer a mindless proponent of their agenda.

    Gays are trying to get us used to to their explosive behavior. Whether it be from a soaps suds enema before their raunchiest moments, or just the vitriol of their drug-induced personality disorders, homosexuals are not stable people. Anger and fecal matter is always spouting from one of their holes.

    This time, we see Justin Bieber is the mindless carrier of homosexual habit. Bieber recently appeared on CSI and was shot twice in this chest, to death. Justin Bieber was shot dead on TV and ratings were very high. On the set, however, we find the teeny bopper unleashed homosexual office pranks and loathing fury of estrogen lesbian menstruation:

    CSI: Crime Scene Investigation hottie Marg Helgenberger called teen pop star Justin Bieber a brat in a radio interview in France. She says the singer of Never Say Never misbehaved during production of the series! “I shouldn’t be saying this,” the stunning 52-year-old told an interviewer, “but he was kind of a brat. He was very nice to me. But he locked one of the producers in a closet and he put his fist through a cake that was on the cast’s table.“

    When God created menstruation, he did it as punishment to Eve. He also knew that in the future, there would be lesbians and the menstruation pain would be twice as devestating for them.

    Lesbians hate their menstrual cycle because it is a divine reminder that their bodies were meant to house a child for nine months. This makes lesbians furious because for all their whining and wearing blue jeans, they cannot escape God reaching through their uteral lining and cramping them every month. It is somewhat splendid to see a lesbian crawl in and beg for prescription strength Ibuprofen to make their womanhood go away, and not relent and accuse them of drug seeking. Since they are too arrogant to think they need birth control pills, since two lesbians a child they cannot make, they usually don’t know one of the fringe benefits of some birth control regiments. Lesbians suffer, but are twice as nasty than proper women.

    And Justin Bieber’s explosive behavior is encouraged by his handlers. They dress him like a black lesbian girl, in baggy boy’s basketball star hanging at the mall on the weekend clothing, then let him do all these diva things. Locking men in closets (what lesbian wouldn’t want a world full of that). Then, beating cake with a closed fist.

    The reporter’s response was what they want from us, though. When homosexuals through their little tissy fits, they want us normal people to just brush it all off and act like it is not a big deal. They want us to relent and tell homos if they go on angry drug rages, they can get away with it. Wrong. The day will come when we can lock homosexuals up in asylums, or at least have them committed to ‘institutions’. Some colleagues and I are working on the medical classification that will allow it and if we get lucky enough to have several more Congressional terms and Right presidents, we will push for its legislation. In the meantime, beware a lesbian’s rage.

    It’s nasty.

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