• LA Weekly, UCLA, Now Trying to Take Credit for Osama Deathpunch

    May 13, 2011 2:00 am 1 comment
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  • LA Weekly is a liberal news rag where drug-induced writers sniff the vapors of illegal salvia puffsmoke from their illegal janitorial staff, then masquerade as journalists doing the public the service of informed information.

    Any person lucky enough to make it out of the LA Weekly offices will tell you it’s a writing orgy of frolicking sin, where journalists swipe the backsides of each other more than the backspace.  With these people, there is no editing or apologies.  It is all just straight dramatic  lies and lemon yellow journalism juicing to make the public pucker in excitement and disgust.  There is nothing sweet about the work these people do.

    So it is no surprise today that we see Obama’s liberal media taking credit for the hard work of United States President George W. Bush.  How many liberals will try to take credit for the fruits of the War on Terror, even after they spent months lampooning our sage and noble Bush who lead us with respect and decency.


    UCLA Professor Gillepsie is now claiming he and his class of snot-nosed, mooch off the teats of Federal Financial Aid and Grants students were able to pinpoint Osama’s location way back in 2009.  LA Weekly is claiming that they all had the power to know that which Bush and the impossibly brilliant staff of Karl Rove, Donald Rumsfeld and the prolific Condoleezza Rice could not figure out.

    To the left, the UCLA students have constructed a ‘live model’ of what they said is Obama’s hiding spot, but the work was done in 2009.

    UCLA expects us to believe that after spending over a trillion dollars tracking down Obama, that a class of undergrads from a subpar Los Angeles school could really do what the United States Federal Government could not.

    This is all just posturing for Obama grant money.  Obama and LA Weekly should be ashamed of themselves for using lies as an excuse to funnel more money into UCLA, the very school that produces liberal professors and plastic surgeon doctors that corrupt this great nation.

    A casual walk through Westwood will reveal an orgy of Arabic sins.  The Habibi and Gypsy cafe are filled with non-American faces and long noses that suck upon Hookah and receite praises for the Muslim president.  If that’s not bad enough, Diddy Reese has a suspiciously Mexican staff that sells addictive ice cream cookies.  What is the secret ingredient?

    UCLA is rampant with drug culture and it’s no surprise we see a cabal of liberals involved.

    These claims are just the latest of delusions of granduer from left wing mags and hags who think they get credit for wiping out Osama.

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